Konoha Legend of the Ninja Codes (January 2024): Free Rewards!

In the mystical world of “Konoha: Legend of the Ninja,” your journey as a shinobi begins. This mobile game reimagines the classic manga, allowing you to collect legendary ninjas and assemble formidable teams to engage in epic ninjutsu battles. To give you a head start on your adventure, we’ve gathered a list of gift codes that will grant you valuable rewards. So, sharpen your kunai, and let’s dive into the world of Konoha!

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Konoha: Legend of the Ninja Gift Codes

Working Gift Codes:

  • FlyingRaijn
  • Naruto123
  • Tsukuyomi
  • SagaMode
  • TheDeadmines
  • Ghost
  • Hokage
  • DIS3YEK06AC65DWF3B83
  • WorldPeace
  • Jiraiya1111
  • Pain0919
  • DIS3L91ZSZ8GZ4D9E08A
  • FB07E6F52N1GQXYM586E
  • naruto888
  • sasuke888
  • sakura888
  • FB07ACUTBKW67G8B0A37
  • egend456
  • FB07AXDVX6CF7NZ254F2
  • FFSW234DSA

Ensure that you enter these codes accurately, as they are case-sensitive.

Find more codes for a bunch of other mobile games in our Mobile Games Codes page.

Expired Gift Codes:

  • While there are no expired codes at the moment

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How to Redeem Gift Codes

Now that you have your gift codes and a brief introduction to the game, it’s time to claim your rewards. Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Open the game and navigate to the “Rewards” section.

Step 2: Select “Redeem Code.”

Step 3: Enter the gift code of your choice from the list above.

Step 4: Enjoy and use your rewards to enhance your shinobi journey.


Where to Find More Codes?

Game developers often release gift codes via social media platforms like Facebook. Be sure to follow the official Facebook page of Konoha to stay updated on the latest codes and events. Your dedication to the ninja way will be rewarded!

Now that you’re armed with gift codes and knowledge of the game embark on your shinobi adventure in Konoha: Legend of the Ninja [Apple Store]. Unleash your inner ninja, forge your path, and become a legend in this captivating world.

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