Ninja Academy Global Codes (June 2024): Free Rewards!

In Ninja Academy Global, the world of Naruto is at your fingertips. This game isn’t just another mobile RPG; it’s a doorway to the beloved Naruto universe, where you can relive the iconic journey of Naruto Uzumaki and his quest to become a legendary shinobi. With its Naruto-themed gameplay, distinctive graphics, and high-quality effects, every battle, quest, and storyline immerses you deeply in the ninja world. To enhance your journey through this game, a series of exclusive codes await you, ready to unlock new levels of shinobi prowess.

Ninja Academy Global Gift Codes for June 2024

These codes are your ninja tools in the virtual world, so use them wisely to gain an edge over your adversaries and advance your journey. Prepare for your ninja quests with these special, new gift codes:

We added two new codes on June 22, 2024

Working Gift Codes:

  • MRG2206 (New & Valid until 6.24.2024)
  • WLCT624
  • MTN3524
  • FAN7000
  • 3KARINW1 – Redeem for 1,000,000 Exp Ninja, 3 Gold Supply Boxes, 20 Strong Ninja Recruited Scrolls, 3 Advanced Lottery, 500 Tailed Beast Chakra, 100 Seashells
  • XMAS2023
  • S9Chinz
  • 1000TICKET
  • FAN5000

Exclusive Code: Stay tuned for special events on the Facebook Fan page to receive more unique codes.

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Expired Gift Codes:

  • MRG1106
  • MERGE1106
  • mpoxtra838
  • LABORDAY2024
  • M2004BT
  • MERGE2503
  • IWD2024
  • END2023
  • NY280224
  • HPNY27
  • 7GAARA1
  • HPNY2024

For those who find a calling in Ninja Academy Global, other ninja-themed games offer similar experiences of strategy, adventure, and the thrill of battle:

Each game comes with its own set of redeemable codes, offering unique challenges and rewards.


Guide to Codes Redemption

Redeeming your codes in Ninja Academy Global is a straightforward process:

Step 1: In the game, find and click ‘ENTER CODE.’

Step 2: Enter your chosen code in the space provided.

This process will unlock special rewards, propelling you further in your quest to master the shinobi way.


Closed Words:

Dive into the world of Ninja Academy Global, a game where every choice shapes your path in the ninja world. Are you ready to don your headband, summon your chakra, and embark on an unforgettable shinobi journey? The hidden leaf village awaits your arrival!

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