Control Ultimate Edition: How to Get HDR on the Steam Deck OLED

This is a guide on how to get HDR working in this game on the Steam Deck OLED.



Getting HDR in this game is relatively easy and works great.
But it’s not supported out of the box.

You have to download an unofficial patch for the game and copy its files over the existing game files.
This patch was made by a former developer of the game.

This guide will provide you with both quick instructions as well as detailed step-by-step instructions.
Either way, it should only take you a few minutes!

Quick Instructions [Experienced Steam Deck Users]

Step-By-Step Instructions

Go to Desktop Mode

01. Click the “STEAM” button on your Steam Deck.
02. Scroll down to “Power” and select “Switch to Desktop”.

03. How to navigate in Desktop Mode:
– right track pad moves the mouse cursor
– right trigger is left-click
– left trigger is right-click
“STEAM” + “X” at the time time brings up or takes down the onscreen keyboard

Get a web browser

04. Click the blue shopping bag at the bottom to open “Discover”
05. Click on “Firefox” to download a web browser.
06. When Firefox is installed, open it by clicking its logo in the task bar.

Download the HDR Patch

07. In Firefox, click on the address bar.
08. Search for “remedy Control hdr patch”.
09. Click on the top result, called
“CONTROL – HDR+ULTRAWIDE+DLSS+RT Patch” on pcgamingwiki

or manually go to this address:

10. Click “Download this file”
11. Download “Control HDR v1.5 (Steam).7z”

Cut the downloaded patch file

12. When the download has finished, Click the Downloads symbol next to the browser’s address bar.
13. click the folder icon next to the file name to open the location of that file
14. The file browser will now open the “Downloads” folder where you can see the file “Control HDR v1.5 (Steam).7z”.
Right-click on it and select “Cut”.

[Locate the Control game files]

15. Double-click the “Steam” icon on the Desktop.
16. Go to “Library”
17. Right-click on “Control Ultimate Edition” in your games list on the left
18. Select “Manage -> Browse local Files”
19. A folder with the game files for Control opens.

Paste the downloaded patch

20. Right click on an empty space within this folder. Select “Paste One File”
21. Now the downloaded file “Control HDR v1.5 (Steam).7z” is in this folder too.

Extract the patch files and overwrite the existing ones

Right-click the patch file and select “Extract -> Extract archive here”
22. In the pop-up, tick the box “Apply to All” and then click “Overwrite”

Delete the patch file – it’s no longer needed

23. When it’s done overwriting the files, right click on “Control HDR v1.5 (Steam).7z” again and select “Move To Trash”
24. Inside this file browser, click on “Trash” in the list on the left
25. Click the “Empty Trash” button at the top and confirm.

Return to Gaming Mode

26. Minimize all windows and double click the Desktop icon “Return To Gaming Mode”

Launch Control in DirectX 12 (always)
27. Whenever you boot up the game, select “DirectX 12” to access HDR.

Confirm HDR is activated in the game settings

28. In Control, go to “Options -> Display” and check if the “HDR” box is ticked.
It should be. If not, tick it yourself.

All done! You can enjoy the stunning HDR graphics.

You can confirm that HDR is working by pressing the (. . .) button on the Steam Deck.
If you go to the cog-wheel menu, you should see an “HDR” logo next to the brightness slider.

Thanks to Snowcone Guy for their excellent guide; all credit belongs to their effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. Enjoy the game.

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