My Singing Monsters: How to Add Friends (FAQ)

The critically acclaimed game My Singing Monsters is coming to Steam with hundreds of Monsters to collect and a huge amount of catchy tunes. you can join this funny game with your friends. here is a simple tutorial on how to add friends in the game


How do I add friends?

You can add friends by tapping the Invite Friends button in the Friends Menu, and tapping the Invite via Friend Code button. Your Friend code is located at the top of the Friends Menu, and is the same as your BBB ID. It should be noted that the “Invite via Email,” “Invite via Twitter” and “Invite via Facebook” options in the Invite Friends Menu don’t actually link accounts as friends, they serve to invite people who are not already playing the game to download it.

If you are using Facebook as your login method, your Facebook friends will automatically be displayed in the Friends Menu. If you are using Game Center as your login method, your Game Center friends will automatically be displayed in the Friends Menu. To update your Friends list, tap the Facebook and Game Center icons in the lower left corner of the Friends Menu.


Friend Codes Not working?

However, there is a bug that you cannot add your friends when you are tapping the code. some players had reported this issue to the Developer in the steam discussions. if this bug is confirmed. the developers will fix it in the upcoming patch.



  • When can I play?
    Soon™! Add the game to your Wishlist and Follow us to know as soon as the game is available.
  • Is the Steam version Free-To-Play?
    Yes! You can install and start playing My Singing Monsters on Steam at no cost.
  • How many Monsters can I collect?
    There are 250 Monsters to collect! Monsters are added regularly, so there’s always more to collect.
  • How many Islands are there for me to discover and explore?
    There are over a dozen unique Islands to decorate and populate, each offering a different landscape and more ways to have fun.
  • Will Facebook still be used as a login method for the Steam release?
    My Singing Monsters on Steam uses its own login and friend ID system; your Facebook login is used only for the mobile version of the game.
  • Can I carry over my Mobile game progress?
    My Singing Monsters on PC is a standalone experience; progress made on mobile does not carry over to the Steam version. Use your Monster expertise to rediscover your favorites and create your dream Islands!
  • Will I ever be able to connect my Mobile progress?
    My Singing Monsters (PC) is a standalone experience; there are no plans to allow players to carry over Mobile progress to the PC version of the game.
  • Can I still watch Video Ads for progress?
    The Steam platform does not support in-game advertisements from external sources. As such, this feature is not available in the PC version of the game.
  • Can I play with friends?
    You can play with friends, while also earning extra rewards! Visit the Tribal Island to team up in Tribes, coming together to feed Monsters and level up for bonus prizes.
  • Will there be new content?
    My Singing Monsters (PC) will be up-to-date with the My Singing Monsters (iOS/Android/Amazon) version 3.0.1 at launch, with updates to follow.
  • Are there Seasonal events?
    My Singing Monsters offers regular seasonal events and celebrations, and the Steam experience is no different! Keep playing year-round for exciting events.
  • How come My Singing Monsters isn’t available in my region?
    At launch, My Singing Monsters on Steam will not be available for download within Latin America, Eastern Europe, and the CIS region. We hope to expand the My Singing Monsters PC experience worldwide in the near future!
  • What do I do if I am experience game issues?
    For technical or account issues, please contact our support staff HERE[]. We’ll be happy to investigate and help you out as soon as possible!
  • Is My Singing Monsters releasing on other platforms?
    While we have no current announcements regarding further releases, we are always investigating more ways to allow players to enjoy My Singing Monsters.

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