Limbus Company: How to Move your Game Files from AppData

Limbus Company stores its additional download files in the AppData of your install drive (default LocalLow). Here’s a quick workaround to move your files to another disk.   Some Warnings… Credits to this discussion here, over at Tabletop Simulator, for inspiring this post: Basically a workaround to the AppData storage that Limbus Company has … Read more

Limbus Company: All Identities List

All the currently existing identities simplified to look at with ease of click.   Cheat Sheet Stats   HITPOINTS SPEED RANGE DEFENSE   Resistances   SLASH RESIST PIERCE RESIST BLUNT RESIST   Sins   ENVY GLOOM WRATH LUST PRIDE SLOTH GLUTTONY   Yi Sang -0- [LCB Sinner] Yi Sang (III)   147 Fatal 3 4-8 … Read more

Limbus Company: How to Build Your Mirror Dungeon Team with Randomized EGO Gift

Building your Mirror Dungeon team based on the randomized starting EGO gift.   Preface: Dungeon #1: Mirror of Beginnings Upon feeding the Mirror of Beginnings your three Enkephalin Modules, you’ll be presented with three randomly selected EGO gifts. You can only choose one. However, the other two have a chance of showing up elsewhere in … Read more

Limbus Company: Mirror Dungeons Abnormality Cheatsheet

Cheatsheet of the different Abno options to maximize those E.G.O. gains. Note: This guide was created by Echo and is work-in-progress.   Fox and the Umbrellas “Pull out the umbrellas” – All Allies take(s) 10 HP damage”Pet the Fox” – Sloth/Lust/Pride Advantage Check – On a successful check, gain E.G.O Gift Sunshower Aberration Silent Girl “Play … Read more

Limbus Company: Combat Guide for Aspiring Clockfaces to Stop Being Murdered by Mariachis

What do all the numbers mean? Why does it feel like you can steamroll some battles but get trampled over on others? This guide will probably help! Probably.   Intro Just like every other Project Moon game, Limbus Company is mechanic dense and explanation sparse. Now, granted, I don’t have all the information myself, but the information … Read more