Limbus Company: How to Move your Game Files from AppData

Limbus Company stores its additional download files in the AppData of your install drive (default LocalLow). Here’s a quick workaround to move your files to another disk.


Some Warnings…

Credits to this discussion here, over at Tabletop Simulator, for inspiring this post:

Basically a workaround to the AppData storage that Limbus Company has opted to use, which does not allow us to change the directory worth ~4GB.

I have had this running just over a week, which includes the update that happened on the 16th – the game still runs fine, so I don’t think this should have too much of an issue.

HOWEVER! This workaround does require the use of Command Line, and I have only tested this on Windows 10 – you should check if the commands here can run on your version of Windows before attempting.

How to Move?

First, make sure your game is closed (obviously).
Then, go to your Unity folder in AppData.

It should have a URL something like:
C:\Users\<your username here>\AppData\LocalLow\Unity
You can probably get here quicker using %appdata%, then navigating from there.

Then, move your ENTIRE ProjectMoon_LimbusCompany folder to your target location.

Personally, I placed mine in my Steam Directory in the D Drive.
In your original folder, the ProjectMoon_LimbusCompany folder should be deleted after this is done.

Jot down this URL, and wrap in quotes for any folder with spaces between.
So, for me, it would be:

Finally, open Command Prompt.

I did not need Administrative Rights to run it, but you might need it – try without Admin Rights first, and if it doesn’t work, retry with Admin Rights.
Note: This doesn’t seem to work with PowerShell, though I’m not sure about other alternatives.

You will need to run the following command:
mklink /J C:\Users\”<Your Username Here>”\AppData\LocalLow\Unity\ProjectMoon_LimbusCompany <TARGET LOCATION HERE>
** Formatting:
The Target Location should be wherever you moved the folder to, including the ProjectMoon_LimbusCompany folder.
Any folder with spaces in between should be enclosed in quotations. So, if your folder path is:
E:\FolderWithNoSpace\Den som Griper\ProjectMoon_LimbusCompany
Then you need to put it in the URL as
E:\FolderWithNoSpace\”Den som Griper”\ProjectMoon_LimbusCompany

Once you are done, the ProjectMoon_LimbusCompany folder should reappear in the AppData folder with a little shortcut icon in the corner.

OK, but what does this command actually do?

To put it simply, it just creates a “portal” at the AppData location, to the location where you want your folder. If you open the ProjectMoon_LimbusCompany folder after you have done this, your URL in Windows Explorer should still point to the AppData location, even though the storage is now done at the new location you have specified.

Thanks to Someone¿ for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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