Limbus Company: Damage Type Weakness & E.G.O Affinity Weakness And Immunity Given

Stuck At Chapter 3 ? Stop Bashing The Wall, Stop Uga Uga BungA. so I will make it Short And Simple, Don’t Bring Damage Type That Immune To the Enemies.


Damage Type Weakness & E.G.O Affinity Weakness And Immunity Given.

There Are a lot of people Asking About This, why you cannot Beat Those K Corp Police And Those Angry N Corp Inquisitor.

There is 3 Type of Damage :
1. Slash, ( sword ),
2. Blunt ( Hammer / Bare Handed / Mace ) .
3. Piercing ( lance / Guns ).
4. Some Sinner have combinations of 2 or 3, for example base hong lu have both Slash and Blunt in skill set.

Descriptions :
Fatal = Deal bonus Damage, Easy Mode to kill them.
Normal = Okay Flat Damage.
Endure = your damage Just Tickle them bro like a body massage.
Ineff = 1 or 2 damage, immune. like a Sponge hitting a Solid Steel.

Go to your Sinner Menu
Check Their Info, Look at those Stats Tiny Simbol that has ” Fatal, Normal, Ineff ” Words.
Those are Damage Type Weakness & Immunity, So Please Read.

Stage Enemy info What is That ??

  • Analyze Their Weakness, Skill set, Affinity and Damage Type, Then Make Team Comp With The Damage Type Their Weak At.
  • so to beat chapter 3 need blunt damage ? yes, and don’t bring any sinner that weak to blunt damage or you will get hammer to death.


  • Equiping E.G.O to your sinner also give Affinity Weakness and immunity, it also stack able when you equip multiple E.G.O

Thanks to RedCobra for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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