Labyrinthine: The Secret Safe Guide (All Keys in Chapter 6)

SPOILERS | This manual will provide information on all the keys that are required to open the secret safe in Chapter 6.



Together with the 6th chapter, the notorious mission with the safe and the five keys to open it was released into the world. And let’s be honest, many players I was lucky enough to talk to would have preferred to skip the stage with solving these puzzles. That’s why we created this material to help such players open the safe. Players who only want a hint, not a solution, shouldn’t go any further than the first section of this guide 🙂


Chapter 1

1st: Look around somewhere warm and cozy
2nd: Look around the cabin before Smiley
3rd: When you find the hooks, look even harder around them for the text hint…
Text hint: Sacrifice required
Extra Hint: Think about what it takes to finish a chapter


Chapter 2

1st: The key spawns on a big rock that has a skull and a candle on top and more candles in front
2nd: The hint IV-V is barely visible on the ledge where the key will spawn
3rd: You need good timing


Chapter 3

1st: There is a locked drawer in the attic
2nd: They drawer key is outside
3rd: The key is very very tiny
4th: The drawer key is on the line between the house and the graveyard
5th: There should be a crevice nearby.


Chapter 4

1st hint for spawn the key: You must complete all additional tasks
2nd hint for spawn the key: You need to collect and insert all 10 plot keys
Hint to spawn location: The bone floor sounds good


Chapter 5

1st: It’s 3 levers
2nd: You gotta get wet
3rd: In different checkpoint areas
4th: The place where the key appears is where you first see the rabid dog

All keys

  • 0:40 – First key | Первый ключ
  • 2:30 – Second key | Второй ключ
  • 3:26 – Third key | Третий ключ
  • 5:19 – Fourth key | Четвёртый ключ
  • 8:08 – Fifth key | Пятый ключ

Some notes

All keys must be collected in one pass. After entering the lobby, they are reset to zero.

In the second chapter the key will appear only if the host before the beginning of the first chapter put on his clock 04:00. Most likely the second key should be able to get to 1 hour.

It is highly recommended at the time of the collection of keys in the lobby in advance to set up infinite life.

Map with the passage to the stone in chapter two (control point marked in blue)

The map with the shortest path to the location of the key in chapter four. The gray stroke marks the area with the pile of bones at the very beginning on the left, where you can quickly descend to the ground floor

Thanks to

To the Valko Studios server community, for helping me find all the clues
Сообществу сервера Valko Studios за помощь в поиске всех подсказок

Thanks to and AgreLait for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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