Atelier Ryza 3: How to Start With Unlimited Gems and Lots of SP

How to run on the game with (almost) unlimited gems and lots of SP!



  • To have built the Atelier in Sardonica
  • Having unlocked Romy
  • Federica joined your team; it is possible to do the method without her, but I was at that point
  • Have the skills “Duplication” and “Link Morph” in the Skill Tree
    • Medicinal Powder > Max Quality 300 > Duplication
    • Medicinal Powder > Max Quality 300 > Max Quality 500 > Link Morph
  • Not mandatory but recommended:
    • The DLC that gives gems at the beginning of the game, starting capital
    • The two “Extra Ingredient +2” skills (Above Link Morph), if you don’t have them, you will have SP with this method to buy them

Step One : Ingrediens and Synth

  • You will need at least four Eternal Crystals, which you can buy in sets of three from Romy for 5 Gold Coin

  • Go back to the Atelier, then synthesise a Traverler’s Water Orb
  • Use ONLY two Core Ingredients (The Zettel and a Stone)
  • Use Link Morhp on the Zettel, and use a Eternal Crystal, which will replace the effect with “Synth Quantity +1”; use other crystals to raise it to +3 and unlock the loop at the top

  • Use any item for the “Quality” loop at the top
  • Use again crystals on the last loop, to get “Synth Quantity +4”

  • DO NOT increase Traverler’s Water Orb’s quality! Synthesise now, you get one (Or maybe multiple, I don’t remeber) Traverler’s Water Orb with “Quantity Synth +4”

Step Two : The Infinite Loop

  • Duplicate your Traveler’s Water OrbĀ never use your last copy, otherwise you will have to repeat step 1
  • Synthesise a Super Pure Water
  • Use a “Gases” item for the green loop (any item), and then use a maximum of Traveler’s Water Orb with Synth Quantity +4

  • Depending on the number of orbs you have, you will have more or less Super Pure Water
  • Use “Gem Reduction” and use all your Super Pure Water, without exception

  • If you still have orbs left, which is the case if you have duplicated a lot, continue to synthesise
  • If you only have one orb left, start again from step two, starting from the duplication of the orb

Now you can enjoy lots of gems for the Item Rebuild, and you get SP for every Super Pute Water created!
To earn even more SP, buy the skills in the Skill Tree, but most importantly, use Item Rebuild and level up your items a lot!


  • Buy “Extra Ingredient +2” first! In addition to speeding up the process, using more orbs will increase the quality of Super Pure Water, giving you more gems!
  • Never increase the quality of orbs, as these will cost you more to duplicate, but will not increase the quality of Super Pure Water enough to “pay you back”
  • If you lack “Gases” items, you can easily get them from the mushrooms and plants near the Workshop in Sardonica

Thanks to Schneitizel S. Sekai for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide fromĀ Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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