House Flipper: New Achievements Guide for Farm DLC

This Guide helps you reach the 100% of all Achievements in House Flipper – Farm DLC   Farm DLC-Achievements Don’t hold your horses Ride like the wind! To get this achievement you need two things. Firstly, a horse, which you can buy via the laptop in the “Happy Ranch” shop, and a “Cavaletti Obstacle”, which … Read more

House Flipper: How to Move Your Office by Editing Save File

How to move your Office to another house you Already own ingame in case you’re facing the game crashing or freezing when trying to load/continue to your current office. Please do not attempt this if you are not comfortable or familiar with editing files on notepad++ [which you’ll need btw] IMPORTANT Note: This involves modifying … Read more

House Flipper: How to Backup Your Savegames

Here you will learn how to unhide your APPDATA folder that will lead you to your savegame on House Flipper and learn how to recover your savegames as well from Profiles.backup . Just follow the steps exactly as you can see in pictures and you will suceed with backup your saves . If you are … Read more

House Flipper: 100% Achievement Guide for Pet DLC

This Guide helps you to reach the 100% of all Achievements in House Flipper – Pets DLC   Pet DLC-Achievements What’s in the box? Tons of cuteness to say the least! Complete the first Stowaway mission from Alice Finbar. ——————————————————————————————————- A journey full of fluffiness Morgan is proud of you. Complete all the orders on … Read more

House Flipper: Panorama Achievement Guide

How to get the Panorama Achievement in House Flipper Luxury DLC   How to Get Panorama Achievement Panorama Take a picture of the city from the Cliff House When you arrive at the Cliff House go to the backyard & cut down these two trees. . Once you cut these trees down go to the furthest … Read more

House Flipper: How to Restore a Savegame Backup

Step by Step guide that explains how you can restore a savegame from the automatical created savegame backups that the game creates, as you play.   How to Restore a Savegame Backup It has in the Main Menu a option called “New Game”, if it happens to you that you accidently press it. It takes … Read more

House Flipper: 100% Achievement Guide (New Luxury DLC)

Here is a guide on how to get all achievements in the new Luxury DLC. Note: House Flipper – Luxury DLC is OUT on October 14 with 11 new achievements.   House Flipper Luxury DLC Achievement Guide Luxury DLC-Achievements Step up your game Did someone call a stair specialist? Renew a staircase (To do this, click on the … Read more

House Flipper: Home Buyers Guide 2021

We’re starting fresh for 2021 playing HGTV, House Flipper, and Garden Flipper adding homes for buyers. There are a lot of houses to complete to be allowed to finish the game and unlock every achievement.   Tutorial First off, you need to complete 20 to 30 jobs. There are a hundred jobs to finish for … Read more

House Flipper: Console Commands 2021 (How to Enable)

This guide will list all the commands and keys I can find. Make sure you look at the first section before trying anything else from this guide. I will try to explain the commands I know as well as possible.   Set up and Notes First, go into your save game. Pause your game and … Read more

House Flipper: Japanese Garden Guide

How I got 5 stars in the Japanese Garden Competition   Introduction I struggled to get all 5-star ratings in the Japanese Garden contest and couldn’t find many tips online, so thought I would make this guide to show what finally worked for me! Please comment if you have anything to add. General Tips You … Read more