House Flipper: 100% Achievement Guide for Pet DLC

This Guide helps you to reach the 100% of all Achievements in House Flipper – Pets DLC


Pet DLC-Achievements

What’s in the box?

Tons of cuteness to say the least!

Complete the first Stowaway mission from Alice Finbar.


A journey full of fluffiness

Morgan is proud of you.

Complete all the orders on the interactive order card


Welcome to Cozy Village

Hope you enjoy the countryside.

Move your office to one of the houses added with the Pet DLC (Must buy them first)



Feels like the beginning of something special.

Buy a pet from Morgan’s pet house


Fresh, clean, and dry

Now your pup can get all dirty again.

Go to the pet section of the store, buy a special bath and bathe your pet in it. It must be appropriate to the size of the animal and works only for dogs.


It’s playtime!

The best part of the day.

Play with your pet in different ways using the pet interaction menu



Can you hear those little paws behind you?

Command your pet to follow you. Must use the pet interaction menu


Versatile caretaker

You’re not gonna stop here, are you?

Give shelter to three different animals in Morgan’s pet house. Can be found in the laptop menu


The floor is your canvas

Now, that’s not a happy little accident.

On your first order of “Stowaway” by Alice Finbar, you’ll find fece on your living room floor. Try to clean it with a mop



A helping paw is never a bad thing, eh?

Take your pet with you on to an assignment


They grow up so fast…

It feels like we’ve met yesterday!

Reach the adulthood of your pet


Picture perfect

It’s hard to get a good photo when they move around so quickly.

Take a picture of your pet. Use the camera of yout tablet

Thanks to Jonizeh for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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