Hobo Tough Life: All Satanic Shrines Locations

Here are all satanic shrines locations in Praslav with pictures and map points.


1. The pit, under the viaduct

The first one is located in the pit near Miky, behind garages, under the viaduct.

Just continue this way…

…and you will find it!

2. Near the Fort, in a backyard

Just a shy south from the Fort.

Go through this gate…

…and here it is!

3. Sewers, behind stairs

For this one, you have to have the key to the sewers first.
I add the Pub where Bruno is located as an orientation point. Follow the arrow.
Enter the sewers here.
Go down the stairs and look behind them…
…et voilá!

4. Behind the supermarket, in a basement

You can find this one behind the supermarket, near Anatoly’s pawn shop in a cellar.
Go through the gate, again there is a backyard…
…continue this way…
…go all the way back and there it is!

5. Next to the satanist hobo, near Mrs. Emka

The last one is close to where Mrs. Emka, the seamstress, lives.
Go to this backalley…
…and bingo!

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