Hardspace Shipbreaker: How to Skip Hab Dialogue with CE

Are you tired of hearing the same dialogue over and over again from Early Access, or do you just hate Hal and Lou, or maybe none of this matters to you and you just want to get back to cutting. Well I’ve got a relatively quick and simple solution for you.


Important Notice

This method of skipping through the in-Hab dialogue uses third-party software, specifically Cheat Engine, so follow along at your own discretion.


In short, the method simply uses Cheat Engine’s built-in speed hack to go through all the dialogue but at 10x speed, then setting the game speed back to 1x. This means that unless you want to waste shift time and oxygen it’s only good for skipping the dialogue in the Hab, which is hopefully good enough for most people.

This solution is a bit inelegant, like taking a hammer to do a delicate job, hence depending on how good you PC is, this may lead to some stability issues like freezing or crashes, although I haven’t personally experienced any problems using this on shipbreaker, I’m sure not everyone will be this so lucky. Nevertheless, I can say that if using the speed hack does cause any problems they will not persist after restarting the game (assuming you don’t try this again).

For those who have used Cheat Engine before this should be enough work it out on your own but for first time users of Cheat Engine there’s a short guide with images below.

How to use the Speed hack

This part assumes you’ve already installed Cheat Engine, if not then go ahead and do so, it installs like any other program and doesn’t require any special procedures.

Firstly, once you’ve turned on the program you want to look for the small computer icon in the top left corner and press it.

Once pressed, a small panel should appear like the one shown below, displaying all running applications, if not make sure to select the “applications” tab in the panel. You will want to find and select Hardspace Shipbreaker, then press the open button. The text in the top-middle of the image shown above that says “No Process Selected” should change to “[numbers]-Shipbreaker.exe” if done correctly.

Afterwards you should look for the small check box indicated with the blue arrow below, it’s labelled speed hack. Once checked, a box, slider and “apply” button should appear, at this point you can either use the slider or type a number into the box indicated with the red arrow. 5x speed should be enough to get the job done but you can higher if you want however going over 10x-20x brings far more risk of crashing the game.

When your done selecting your speed press apply and go back to the game; let it run for a few seconds or until you see the prompts to Start Shift or Close Space-email unlock. Once done go back to Cheat Engine, set the speed back to 1 and apply again. Now you’re done, the dialogue might keep playing but you should be free to start the shift anyway. Also you might want to keep the program running in case more dialogue shows up soon after.

Thanks to Azurous for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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