reflexia: Walkthrough & Achievement Guide

This is an optimized step-by-step walkthrough of the game.

Warning: Two achievements are currently unobtainable.



πŸ† SSB3YXMgdmVyeSBhZnJhaWQgdG8gc2F5IGl0Li4u
Unlocks on launch.

Choose English.
Start the game.
πŸ† Hello!
πŸ† I feel good today!
πŸ† I feel uncomfortable today.
πŸ† Not the best start to the day.
πŸ† achievement for the curious
πŸ† “Hello.”
Who else could you be talking to?

What’s going on here?
πŸ† Really?
Scroll back with your mouse to the previous choice!
I have to read this.
πŸ† You’ll have to read this achievement title.
I’m already streaming.
πŸ† Sup, chat!
Will I finally get that yuri harem without plot?
Huh? What does all of that mean?
Give me my yuri harem.
πŸ† Beggar’s achievement.
What? So quickly?
πŸ† Sane relationship attitude achievement.
Scroll back with your mouse to the previous choice!
πŸ† Hurray!
So you’re the only available love interest here?
Stop being mad, that was the only option I had.
Then I’m leaving.
What are all the other heroines doing, then?
πŸ† Inappropriate question achievement.
πŸ† Oh, and this is the moment when you go,
Are you a yandere?
Is this a cafe?
πŸ† Stupid question achievement.
This pastry looks delicious.
πŸ† Go have dinner.
This new outfit looks good on you.
What about the atmosphere?
You’re just a visual novel character, not a person.
πŸ† How rude.
I can still be called an observer since my choices don’t matter.
What hobbies do you have?
That’s it?
And do you have a dream?
You already have a fan.
πŸ† Welcome to the club!
No way.
πŸ† You’re a tsundere.
Scroll back with your mouse to the previous choice!
πŸ† This was very cute.
Scroll back with your mouse two previous choices!
πŸ† Wasn’t it even a little bit funny?
Will you answer seriously?
πŸ† Just kidding.
Tell me about your preferences.
πŸ† …or just an achievement hunter.
Why me?
Why were you so excited about this date?
I have nothing else to do.
What’s so funny here?
You too.
How is that possible?
Aren’t your dreams also pre-written as something crucial for the script?
πŸ† …
Our dialog wouldn’t have happened without it.
Maybe it is fate.
What happened?
πŸ† …
I don’t get it.
πŸ† …
If you don’t want to continue our date, we can end it faster.
Then you owe me one more date.
πŸ† /invite/SG48X7h2q6
Win the lottery.
πŸ† And your lottery ticket number is…
Plan for the sequel.
πŸ† But it will be a remake, not a sequel.
Confess love, if we’re talking about romantic stories.
Know what?
Are you embarrased?
Me too.
I love you.
πŸ† Yandere-chan ending.
I love you.
Start the game again.
πŸ† …
Will you give up, just like that?
I have no choice but to confess.
πŸ† Lies, all lies.
You were the protagonist only in my last playthrough.
πŸ† Please, only love me.
Please, let me choose.
πŸ† Wait, it’s not in the game?
Where are we going this time?
Will we ride anything?
Are we already going there?
Food is in the foreground. Again.
πŸ† And if you do happen to own a printer…
You look good in this.
What’s your real name?
How old are you?
πŸ† Look into the peephole.
What’s your star sign?
πŸ† Fine, it was a joke.
What pantsu are you wearing?
πŸ† This person picked the “What pantsu are you wearing?” option.
πŸ† Excuse me, what?
πŸ† …
πŸ† Did my answer have any profound impact on your life?
πŸ† And I thought we were friends…
πŸ† Mundane question for someone in a relationship.
I have no more questions.
I need more time.
πŸ† Another achievement!
Of course!
Wanna date me?
πŸ† Getting into it?
I love you.

πŸ† Please, say something.
I love you.
πŸ† I guess you really do love me.
(if it didn’t unlock here, scroll back with your mouse a choice and select it there)
I love you. x11
πŸ† I’m very happy, honestly.
I love you. x13
πŸ† Please, stop bullying me.

I love you.
I love you.

And what will you do?
πŸ† Why did you even ask?
How can I do that when she doesn’t even have a name?
What’s “it”?
πŸ† I think I may have said too much.
On a date?
Thanks, not interested.
πŸ† Rejecting a 2D-girl?
You’re acting like a dandere.
A shy and closed-off character who only reveals their true self for someone they love.
You look cute.
πŸ† You too, you too.
Is this your room?
Is this cup for me?

It’s okay.
Tell me about yourself.
Why do you stutter all the time?
πŸ† …
What do you think of Yandere-chan?
πŸ† Don’t look.

πŸ† I think this is called “dΓ©jΓ  vu”.
I love you.
πŸ† Dandere-chan’s ending.
Start the game again.
“A person”.
Do you really see yourself as a character in a visual novel?
Why aren’t your lines from the perspective of the “Protagonist”, then?
Thanks to your feelings, you were able to find the strength to stay human.
Still, you preserved the most precious thing you have.
Your heart.
It’s lonely, that’s why it seems useless to you.
But there’s always a person who cherishes your feelings more than everything.
And that person is you.
You can’t keep on bottling it up.
This is exactly what you should share with others from time to time.
I’m still here.
It’s not enough to simply declare your feelings.
They don’t exist in the physical world.
Your experiences are real, but you continue to keep them inside.
Are words alone really enough?
πŸ† See you soon.
We shall meet again.

Start the game in all the languages on the title screen.
πŸ† ΠŸΡ€ΠΈΠ²Π΅Ρ‚!
πŸ† CzeΕ›Δ‡!
πŸ† Β‘Hola!
πŸ† “δ½ ε₯½οΌ”
πŸ† Merhaba!
πŸ† μ•ˆλ…•ν•˜μ„Έμš”!

Click on the Auto button.
πŸ† Gotcha.

Note: Two achievements are currently unobtainable. The ones for opening the game in Japanese and French (since they’re not implemented in the game yet).

Thanks to YouGotHitByGunner for his excellent guide, all credit to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it viaΒ Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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