Holo X Break: Controls and Some Useful Tips

This guide isn’t just about pressing buttons; it’s about mastering them. While the tutorial might leave you hanging, I’m here to provide a comprehensive breakdown of keyboard controls and pro-level tips that the tutorial glossed over. Controls for Keyboards Essential Controls: Movement: Navigate the chaos with the classic ‘WASD’. Attack/Confirm: ‘J’ is your go-to for … Read more

Dragon legend: Universe Warrior Codes – March 2024

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Mythic Manor: Cheat Codes & Wallpaper Codes (V0.21)

The latest version, 0.21, will be released in March 2024. here are all the cheat codes and wallpaper codes for the latest version. Note: Mythic Manor is a free adult interactive visual novel game offering a new home and world. It was developed by Jikei.   Mythic Manor Cheat Codes for V0.21 Current $5+ codes: … Read more

Princess & Conquest: Cheat Codes (V0.20.14 Updated)

Here’s an up-to-date list of cheats. I’m creating this guide to try and keep them up to date since the guide(s) I was using aren’t being updated regularly. I’ll do my best to keep it updated as they change over the game’s development, and I do appreciate any heads-up if something’s been updated cheat-wise or … Read more

Sixty Four: How to Obtain Each Achievement

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Sixty Four: Save Files Location

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Love & Sex Second Base: All Console Commands (Cheats Guide 2024)

The game is finally coming out of Early Access and the old thread has some incorrect information, so here’s an updated one. The purpose of cheating the game this way is that you still get achievements, unlike the in game cheat mode in your phone. It can also allow you to occasionally fix something that’s … Read more

American Truck Simulator: Cheat Codes & How to Enable [2024]

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DiRT Rally 2.0: Recommended Dualshock IV Settings

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