Lust Goddess: Pro Tips From A Leaderboard Player (league 16)

Genuine Tips On How To Play and Maximize Your Potential


P2W: The Elephant In The Room?

First Off: Is This Game “Pay To Win”?


But this game does NOT hide that fact from you. It offers packages for as high at $500 for a reason.

So some things to keep in mind:

1- Top Tier players ABSOLUTELY have spent money on this game.

2- NOT spending money means you have to work a lot harder to rise up in the ranks.

So if you are looking to reduce the amount of very real cash you spend on your combat waifu’s, sex scenes, and battles in general, be 100% prepared to put in daily grinds, pursue daily, weekly and monthly missions.

The format of this game is the same as any other mobile app game that uses daily log-ins, daily rewards, battle passes, etc.

The more often you login, the faster you level up.

The more MONEY you spend, the faster you level up.

That’s just a hard fact of this kind of virtual trading card combat game.

Squad Goals

Rares and Legendaries

It goes without saying that THIS is your goal: Get rares and legendary units.

Don’t waste resources on your green and blue units. For the most part, it’s an entire waste of your time and resources and only drains your pocket of things you NEED to get your rare and Legendary waifu’s leveled up and powered up.

Your first few leagues, just take whatever drops you get, don’t bother leveling up and focus on your daily and weekly drops.

Once you get your first rare/legendary, put them in your squad and focus your squad build around them.

If you play for several days, every day, you should have multiple rares and 1 or more legendary waifu’s in your pool to choose from.

Focus on your best units, DON”t waste resources on your lower units.


When you hit league 19, you gain the ability to trade in units at an exchange rate of 10 to 1 for HIGHER units.

So 100 greens will become 10 blue, which will become 1 purple.

If you waste 800 greens on leveling up, you just deprived yourself of 8 purple.

SAVE your units

Resources: SAVE THEM! Don’t Spend Impulsively


EVERY game of this kind as several currencies.

One is common, and handed out like candy which you can earn every day.

Another is the crazy rare currency which costs REAL MONEY to obtain, or is handed out by the game in a tiny portion.

The green emerex crystals are your MOST VALUABLE currency. Don’t waste even one.

If it takes you 20 IRL days to save up 10 Emerex, don’t waste those 10 just to speed up opening a crate.

Take a nap. Go to Lunch. Or go to bed and wake up with the crate ready to unlock.

Don’t spend your most valuable resource until it is NEEDED for weekly and monthly events. Cause trust me, later on you will regret it and see that you’ll have to spend a LOT of IRL cash to get back what you spent just the week before.


Weekly events include roulette. SAVE 100% of these coins until 1 of 2 things occurs:

1- You are REQUIRED to spend them to advance along the weekly event. Like if a goal says “spin the roulette wheel 3 times”.

2- The event is ending and you are done, or it is impossible for you to progress further. For example, you have 5,000 coins to spin on a legendary spin, and you will be unable to reach the end of the week goal of “spin 3 legendary times”.

WHY: Almost all weekly events will REQUIRE you to spin the roulette wheel. Don’t spin it ahead of this time, cause the coins needed to spin again are both rare and come at a high cost.

Some weekly events are IMPOSSIBLE to complete if you spin the roulette wheel even ONCE before you are required to.

Just don’t do it.

Short-Term Goals To Unlock High-Tier Items

Goal 1: Reach League 19

This is your FIRST major goal. Get to league 19.

Most players can hit this by dedicated several days to log in every single day, complete daily goals, as well as complete Alliance Goals.

It is not un-reasonable to hit League 19 within 7 days of dedicated (and wise) gameplay.

Why 19?

League 19 unlocks your first major ability to progress and obtain legendary waifu’s. You can now convert lower tier cards into higher tier, slowly leveling up your Rare and Legendary squad members just by playing normally.

Your odds of getting Rare and Legendary crates also goes up.

Goal 2: Complete Daily’s and Weekly’s

The currencies, boosts, crates, and drops you get from daily’s are the lifeblood of this game. Dedicate time to learn the goals and achieve them and maximize your currency payouts and loot drops.

Goal 3: Login EVERY MONDAY

Miss Fortune lets you play her game every Monday. Just go for it.

One week you will lose horribly and get nothing. The next week you may win big.

Click random cards and do NOT stop playing until 1 of 2 things happen:

1- You flip the death card, lose and are out of currency to play. Try again next Monday!
2- You flip a card that gives you 100 or more credits to play again.

If you hit #2 and get 100 or more credits to play again: STOP. Cash out this reward.

This guarantees you get some credits, emerex, rare or even legendary drops AND you get to play again.

Repeat this process. Whenever you get 100 or more credits: stop, cash out, get your rewards and go again.

If you are LUCKY, you may earn enough credits to climb up into higher tier rewards. All it takes is 1 or 2 wins on any particular Monday, however, and you get ahold of some legendary units.

Goal 3: Events, Heli Races, and Alliances

Look at special events. participate in them. Defeat event bosses and you can instantly win against them the following day, collecting a few more free units, currency, etc.

Heli Races also provide you units, currencies and powerups. These are best when part of an Alliance.

Alliances that are active can get really good item drops at the end of the heli event. Some alliances are VERY ACTIVE, so if if you want to unlock high tier drops like legendary crates, you can expect Alliance leaders to request you are active on a daily basis.

Alliance/Heli Race events can be a major payoff tho. Don’t skimp here. You can earn more credits, boost your squad abilites, and obtain other benefits for leveling up by being an active participant in an Alliance!

After Rank 19: Epic Loot and Battles

Things get SERIOUS now

After League 19, you can expect every enemy you fight (or most) to have nothing BUT legendary units.

Many battles are designed around overwhelming you within 2 or 3 turns.

Units like the chainsaw will wipe out your entire squad, jump up into 50+ damage, and smack you hard.

Other battles will poison you, or duplicate multiple squad members.

Read your unit abilities and see who fights alongside who best.

For example, combining a legendary that poisons all enemies, with another unit that inflicts 10 damage to any poisoned enemy is a good combo for hurting all you opponents units on the board.

A unit that gains multi attack, deployed first, then followed up with another unit with “grants a random ally multi attack” means you just gave your bad-ass kicking waifu a triple attack!

After League 19, players are actively aware of their squad builds, usually have a strategy on how to deploy them and are always looking to win a battle within 3 turns or less.

You should too.


Auto play may be good for going AFK and earning a few coins, but the decision making is rarely ideal.

If your strategy is to deploy a unit that damages all deployed units, auto play does not know this. It typically just goes with the most powerful attack.

Take the time to play the game manually and make the decisions for each turn. You will have a higher win ratio. Guaranteed.

TL:DR Tips

Overall, this game boils down to these things:

1- Conserve ALL your resources. Only spend them when you MUST spend them.

2- Daily/Weekly/Monthly participation. You are not going to unlock new units or sex scenes without dedicating time to this game. Seriously. You gotta put in time to see that naked waifu!

3- Regular gameplay. Just like regular participation, some things take WEEKS to accomplish. So if you only play a few times a week, it will take you MONTHS (or cash) to achieve something.

4- Be patient! Put in the work! Get your waifu’s!

Thanks to NerdgamerDave for their excellent guide; all credit belongs to their effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it here. Enjoy the game.

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