Ghostrunner: How to Get Upgrades Not Mandatory Achievement

This guide will show you the easiest way to get the “Upgrade Not Mandatory” achievement using the tempest ability on Level 15 “Things You Won’t Believe”. 🙂


You will NEED the “Tempest: Multikill Refund” ability to make this work. The rest of the of the abilities seen are optional and only recommended.

Level 15 “Things You Won’t Believe”:
The spot for the achievement is really close to the beginning of the level, just get through the initial parkour bit and then stop and wait for your tempest to fully charge. Once its charged walk forward and the gremlins/crawlers will start appearing. You must at least kill two gremlins/crawlers at a time to recharge your tempest immediately. There are 11 gremlins there, so you should be able to get the achievement fairly easy by just spamming them with tempest and not using your sensory boost!

Nekov4ego made a video showing how to get the achievement “More Than Human” just follow his video as you can get both achievements at the same time!

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