Ghostrunner: All Collectible Items

Here is a detailed guide to finding all collectible items. There are 3 types of collectible items in the game – artifacts, audiologs and swords. After collecting all collectible items, you will get the following achievements:

  • Junk runner
  • About Adam
  • One man’s trash
  • A fine addition

In the mission selection menu, you can check missed and found items on each level. In the inventory, you can read information about each found artifact, listen to the found auditlogs and change sword. In the inventory, all items are numbered and arranged in sequence. You can always return to a specific mission and find the missing item, only knowing its serial number in the inventory.


Artifact 1. Right before the long descent.

Artifact 2. In the very first arena with enemies. Behind a concrete partition on the opposite side of the passageway.

Audiolog 1.
Artifact 3. In a narrow arena, in which you will need to climb up.
Artifact 4.
Sword 1. At the very end of the mission, at the other end of the bridge, opposite the Elevator.

Sword 2.
Artifact 5.
Artifact 6.
Artifact 7. In the corner of the last arena with enemies, you need to climb on moving tiles.

Artifact 8. Artifact is located in the ventilation shaft. Go a little further, activate the time dilation and go back, the fan speed will slow down and you can take the Artifact.
Artifact 9. In the same location where the time dilation for the previous secret was located. But you can get this Artifact only after killing all enemies and activating the tap control panel.
Artifact 10. Immediately after the previous location, after leaving the ventilation shaft. Run along the wall to the next platform, then turn around and run back, but do not cling to the hook, try to jump on the iron beam to which the hook is attached.
Artifact 11. Jump on the rotating platform and wait for it to move to the passageway with the secret, no need to jump on the attached cargo.
Audiolog 2. On the ascent on a warm steam jump on the roof of the platform through which you came.
Artifact 12. In a location where you turn the Central platform in the other direction to use two hooks and get to the other side. On the opposite side artifact.
Sword 4. In a location with a rotating crane with a hook. Turn of the crane and immediately cling to the hook, you have to jump on the opposite platform from the remote control of the crane.
Artifact 13. In the last location, before you are prompted to enter the simulation. But you can get this artifact and after exiting the simulation.
Sword 5. Before the first deceleration time for the passage between the fan blades. After completing the main task, while returning back. Activate time deceleration and return back to the air shaft.

Artifact 14. Under the bridge, in a location with the second enemy encountered on this mission. Artifact 15.
Artifact 16.
Sword 6.
Artifact 17. Instead of slowing down the wheel, run behind the wall.

Artifact 18. Passage at the last conveyor with cargo.
Audiolog 3. After the descent location. Right above the door.
Sword 7.

Sword 8.
Artifact 19. On the second jump-pad.
Artifact 20. On the other side of the previous Artifact.
Artifact 21. After exiting the subway, turn right and slide along the cable to the platform.
Artifact 22. After turning the switchboard, move to the next roof. Return the switchboard to its original position and run along it to the next roof.

Sword 9. After meeting the second enemy with a katana.
Sword 10. After turning the switchboard. On the ledge, the farthest passage.
Audiolog 4.
Artifact 23. On the other side of the previous item.
Artifact 24.
Artifact 25. After solving the puzzle with turning and lifting the platform. At the top, activate the high jump and jump on the platform.

Artifact 26. In the train, the second car with containers (in the first you started).

Sword 11. Hel’s sword. You will get it in the story, after defeating her.

Audiolog 5. At the very beginning of the mission.
Artifact 27.
Artifact 28. In a location with three scanners that look at each other.
Artifact 29. In the next location after the previous Artifact.
Sword 12. In a location with enemy robots. At the second super jump, slip under the door curtain.

Sword 13. At the very beginning, there will be a lock on the door, just hit it with your sword to open the door.
Artifact 30.
Sword 14. In the opposite direction from the task.
Artifact 31.
Artifact 32.
Audiolog 6. After exiting the simulation, the last arena.

Artifact 33.
Artifact 34.
Sword 15.
Audiolog 7. You can only get it with a jump-pad.
Artifact 35. The exit has a jump-pad, activate it and jump on the nearest platform, from it on the jump-pad to the next one. On the last platform, use the jump-pad to jump to the top, behind the last Artifact.

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