Galactic Civilizations IV: Information to Cusomize Your Civilizations

Information not in tooltips; mostly useful for making custom civilizations



Intelligence, Social, Diligence, Resilience

Altarian 0,6,-1,0 -2 expectations
Arcean 0,-1,0,3 -4 expectations
Avian 0,0,1,0 -5 expectations .4 growth
Baratak -1,-1,3,0
Canine 0,0,1,0 -15 expectations .5 growth
Drath 0,1,1,0 .8 growth
Drengin 0,-2,0,3 -15 expecations
Feline 1,0,1,0 -5 expectations
Festron -2,-2,-1,2
Iconian 3,-2,0,0 +5 expectations
Intueri -2,0,3,0 -50 expectations
Iridium 1,2,0,-2 +5 expectations +1 approval/1000 credits
Irradiated -2,-5,-1,-3 1.5 growth 1,-1,1,1 normal growth 3,-1,3,3 .8 growth +10 expectations
Korath- 0,-2,2,5 hate peace
Luxar 2,-1,2,2 .4 growth
Manti -1,-1,3,0 -4 expectations
Mimot x3 growth +2 food consumption -2,1,-2,0 +5 expectations
Navigators 3,-1,-1,0
Onyx -1,0,2,0 -10 expectations .4 growth
Phalenoids 1,2,0,-1
Scryve 3,0,3,3 .5 growth
Slyne -1,0,2,0 -10 expectations .5 growth
Snathi 1,0,1,0
Thalan 3,-2,0,0 +15 expectations
Torian -15 expectations
Trandal -1,0-1,3
Tywon 0,-3,0,-2 -3 expectations
Xeloxi 2,0,-1,3 +5 expectations
Yor 1,-2,2,0 -50 expecatations (+10% approval for synthetic) hate life, other species and Natural League

These are the bonuses for citizens and leaders. Irradiated has 3 depending on the life stage (young to old, left to right); unsure if it applies to their leaders.


Intelligence- Research
Social- Income, Influence
Resolve- Defense
Diligence- Manufacturing

Divine Empath +10 expectations, +%intelligence research, social and approval bonuses(formula unclear)
Entertainer- 5x influence, zero everything, +social approval
Entrepreneur- +5 expectations, 10x social income, zero everything except defense
Farmer- +5 expectations, double influence, 2x diligence food bonus
Quantum Physicist- 4x science, zero everything except defense, +5 expectations
Scientist- +5 expectations, double influence, research, half income, zero manufacturing, approval bonus for discoveries
Soldier- 2x defense, zero everything +5 expectations
Worker- double manufacturing, half income, zero research

‘The Way’ (Krynn) +1% income per citizen, +3 approval
Telepathic -1 crime
Criminal 3 crime
Warforged 3% Resistence, Soldiering
Pacifist -3% Resistence, Soldiering



Heart of Empire (not for Ammonia, Silicon)
+10% Influence/Gross Income for Homeworld

Land Exploitation
+5 Gross Income +30% Pollution

Species Based

Toxin Spreading (Ammonia)
-2 Diplomacy, +10% Pollution, Spread Pollution through trade

Underwater Homes (Aquatic)
+2 pop cap

Coerced Colonization (Carbon Based)
+100% Growth -15% Approval

Cave of Echos (Silicon)
+10% influence for Homeworld, +3% Approval

Without Slumber (Silicon)
+20% Manufacturing -5% Approval

Extreme Automation (Synthetic)
+155 Manufacturing -20% Gross Income

Remote Piloting (Synthetic)
+1 move


Heritage Protection (Ancient)
+100% Influence for Homeworld

Asteroid Exploitation (Archeologist)
+100% Raw Production (Asteroid) -10% Gross Income

Look the Other Way (Crime Lord)
+20% Crime, spread through trade routes (tooltip gives only +10%; presumably the 20% is for your partner)

Empathetic Connection (Empathy)
+15% Approval

Population Boom (Fertile)
+200% Growth +10% Approval -25% Gross Income

Brainstorming (Inspired)
+2 Research for Homeworld

Professionalism (Loyal)
+50% Experience

Shoddy Construction (Proliferation)
-50% Construction Cost +300% Maintenance

Endless Feast (Ravenous)
-2 Diplomacy +1 Food +20% Approval

IP Theft (Resourceful)
-1 Diplomacy +20% Research

Slave Labor (Slavers)
-1 Diplomacy -90% Maintenance

Grove Growth (Spore)
+50% Food

Subspace Sensors (Starfaring)
+100% Sensor Range -10% Gross Income

Reproductive Imperative (Unrelenting)
+100% Growth +2 Maintenance

Singular Purpose (Unrelenting)
+1 Control per Month

Xeno Harvesting (Unrelenting)
-1 Diplomacy +50% Gross Income

Fast Exploration (Voyagers)
-50% Hit Points +2 Moves

Hull Reinforcing (War Profiteers)
+20% Hit Points

The Great Expansion (Wealthy)
+200% Growth +1 Maintenance

Laiseez-Faire (Wealthy)
+100% Gross Income +10% Crime +20% Pollution


Bonus, Penalty
Respective Trait for each

The magnitude of the effects is affected by favor; it is increased by 1 for each leader assigned, but a major factor is ideology; each faction has 3 ideologies that boost it. Several factions double stack; essentially double counting a single ideology (and are thus easier to ramp up).

For several the tooltip was wonky so they are incomplete; note there are some bugs and typos in the game; they are noted below.

Banking Clan (starts unlocked)
Income, Diplomacy
Intelligence, Social
Individualism, Progressivism, Traditionalism

Church of the Way
Approval, Influence (Both bonuses)
Social, Social
Egalitarianism, Pacifism, Traditionalism

Conversion Core
Influence, Income
Social, Intelligence
Collectivism, Collectivism, Totalitarianism

Cutters Guild
Manufacturing, Crime
Egalitarianism, Individualism, Nihlism

Pollution, Approval (both bonuses)
Collectivism, Progessivism, Tradition

Empathy Society
Approval, Manufacturing
Social, DIligence
Collectivism, Collectivism, Pacifism

Endless Emporium
Bazaar Discount, Crime (typo in game)
Intelligence, Diligence
Egalitarianism, Individualism, Nihlism

Freemarket Society
Income, Approval
Individualism, Progressivism, Traditionalism

Freemind Center
Tourism, Maintaince (typo in game)
Social, Resolve
Collectivism, Egalitarian, Tradition

The Media Alliance
Influence, Diplomacy
Social, Resolve
Individualism, Progressivism, Traditionalism

Mining Guild (starts unlocked)
Mining, Approval
Diligence, Social
Individualism, Progressivism, Traditionalism

Natural League
Growth, Food
Intelligence, Diligence
Collectivism, Progessivism, Tradition

Order of Infection
Pollution, Maintenance (Increases pollution; is an Irradiated only Faction)
Diligence, Intelligence
Egalitarianism, Individualism, Nihlism

Precursor Heirs
Relic, Maintaince
Intelligence, Intelligence
Progressivism, Progressivism, Traditionalism

Production Core
Manufacturing, Research
Diligence, Intelligence
Egalitarianism, Nihlism, Progressivism

The Science Team
Science, Manufacturing
Intelligence, Diligence
Progressivism, Progressivism, Traditionalism

Slavers Guild
Manufacturing, Maintaince (both bonuses)
Diligence, Intelligence
Nihlism, Totalitarianism, Traditionalism

Shared Mind
Approval, Research
Collectivism, Egalitarian, Traditionalism

Shimmering Depths
Growth, Pollution (both Bonuses)
Collectivism, Pacifism, Traditionalism

Research, Maintainace
Intelligence, Social
Individualism, Progressivism, Traditionalism

Spacing Guild
Moves, Growth
Intelligence, Intelligence
Egalitarianism, Nihlism, Progressivism

Superiority League
Research, Growth
Intelligence, Social
Egalitarianism, Nihlism, Progressivism

Pop Cap, Mining
Collectivism, Tradition, Tradition

Military, Crime
Resolve, Social
Nihlism, Progressivism, Totalitarianism

Warrior Caste
Hitpoints, Control
Nihlism, Totalitarianism, Traditionalism

Factions Membership

Note- the Onyx has Natural League which increases growth and reduces food… and the Onyx don’t use food. Navigators are Progressive with an intelligence bonus and have the two double Progressive factions

Altarian- Endless Emporium, Freemind Center, Precursor Heirs, Warforged
Arcean- Endless Emporium, Natural League, Superiority League, Warforged
Baratak- Ecologism, Natural League, Thrive, Warforged
Drath- Endless Emporium, Freemind Center, Natural League, Warforged
Drengin- Natural League, Slavers Guild, Superiority League, Warforged
Festron – Mining Guild, Shimmering Depths, Warforged, Warrior Caste,
Krynn- Church of the Way, Endless Emporium, Freemind Center, Warforged
Iconian- Endless Emporium, Freemind Center, Precursor Heirs, Warforged,
Intueri- Endless Emporium, Natural League, Shared Mind, Spacing Guild
Iridium- Banking Clan, Endless Emporium, Freemarket Society, Freemind Center
Irradiated- Order of Infection, Production Core, Spacing Guild, Warforged
Korath- Production Core, Superiority League, Warforged, Warrior Caste
Luxar- Production Core, The Science Team, Thrive, Warforged,
Manti- Endless Emporium, Freemind Center, Shimmering Depths, Warforged
Mimot- Empathy Society, Freemind Center, Mining Guild, Natural League
Navigators- Precursor Heirs, The Science Team, , Spacing Guild, Warforged
Onyx- Endless Emporium, Freemind Center, Natural League, Warforged
Phalenoids- Empathy Society, Freemind Center, The Science Team, Thrive
Terran- The Media Alliance, Natural League, The Science Team, Warforged
Torian- Endless Emporium, Freemind Center, Shimmering Depths, Warforged
Xeloxi- Cutters Guild, Natural League, Singularity, Warforged
Yor- Conversion Core, Precursor Heirs, Production Core, Singularity

Cultural Policies

List of items Buildings and ships. Tier 6 for Collectivism has two different descriptions; one says it increases diligence per month, the other says it increases attack power per month

1- The Independence is a survey ship

3a The Enforcer +25% Manufacuring in 3 tile range

3b Secret Police (Policy)
-50% Crime

4b Union Center Improvement
100 Production 1 Duranium
+15% Manufacturing
+1% Gross Income per level
+5 Manufacturing Adjacency

1 Hall of Tradition
100 Production 1 Promethium
+ 1 Technology +1 Culture Point per Month
+1% income per level
+2 Tourism adjacency

(The best building in the game. Always dip one into Traditionalism to pick it up because base culture point gain is 1 per month from your civilizations capital. This is the only reliable boost- the other options are other civilization capitals and Galactic Commission (Political Capital, Level 7 tech).

2b Innovation Complex
200 Production 1 Elerium
1% research per level
+5 research adjacency

3b Hyperion Shrinker
200 Production 5 Promethium
+3 capacity +15% capacity
+3% research per level
+2 research adjacency

4 Shark Tank
500 Production 1 Duranium
15% gross income
10% per level
+3 reseach/wealth adjacency

5a Possibility Engine
2400 Production
50% research
5% per level
+3 research adjacency

(Innovation Complex is meant to go with Think Tank (+1 technology per level)), which is extremely good, but the other bonuses are meh with 6 being worse then Individualism.

2a Goodwill

2b Peacemaker Trait

5b United Planets Improvement

2b Crime Wave Executive Order
30 Control 20 Month Cooldown +200% Crime on a planet for 24 months

3a Relativistic Ethics Beacon Starbase module
+50% Influence Growth

3b Exploit Population Executive Order
20 Control 10 Month Cooldown +200% output (EVERYTHING) for 5 months

5b Death Commandos Executive Order
40 Control 25 Month Cooldown -25% HP target fleet

3a The Negotiator

4 Mass Mobilization Executive Order

Civilization Traits

I have no idea what this unlocks; feel free to post in the comments if you find anything


5 techs

Exotic Agriculture
Bioagriculturalist job

Transgenic Manipulation
Agriculture Upgrade
Luxury upgrade part 1

Adapted Crop Engineering
+1 tile
Luxury upgrade part 2

Biomass Resequencers
+10% Food

Resequencer Stations
+2 tiles


4 techs producing planetary production, rare resources, specific rares (Helios, Hyper, Gems) and Influence

3 techs
Planetary Outposts
Policy +10% Manufacturing (except homeworld), -10% Income

Colonial Capital Refit

+1 pop cap, Policy +2 pop cap

(Farmer gives +3 tiles you can build on each world which makes it superior to Urbanite for building city planets; the other two options don’t appear to be worth bothering with.)

Thanks to SDSkinner2011 for his excellent guide; all credit belongs to his effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. Enjoy the game.

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