Dead Signal: How to Avoid Threats and Beat the Game

In this guide; you will learn about threats, how to avoid them and gameplay mechanics that can change the outcome of your shift. Maybe some other things that you might want to know. It should be a smooth night they say, but it is not.



I will do my best to guide you to avoid threats and beat the game. Since the game has just been released, there may be some inaccuracies. If you see any incorrect or missing information, please mention it in the comments section.

Get your flashlight!

Flashlight will spawn in one of these locations:
  • On the bedside table
  • On the computer desk
  • On the round table next to the front door
  • In the living room, on the TV stand
  • In the bathroom cabinet
  • On the table behind the couch
  • On the kitchen counter
  • In the bedroom, on the cabinet next to the television


All Hiding Spots

Avoiding Noir

Noir is an extremely mysterious Shadow Web-based cult that uses The Prey as a front. In-game they’re represented by two of their followers, a male/female couple.
Male Noir

Male Noir spawns in your apartment, in the corridor and at the rooftop. When you’re in front of the computer, you need to stand up from time to time and check your surroundings.
He will spawn in the following locations:
  • In front of the TV
  • Middle of your house
  • Next to the PC
  • Behind the sofa
  • At the rooftop
  • In front of the bed, in the bedroom
  • In the corridor
To Avoid Male Noir

When you see him, flash your light on him. Turn around, count to ten. Then he will be gone.

Female Noir

Female Noir spawns in corridors and the rooftop. She can spawn in any corridor inside the building. Including yours.

To Avoid Female Noir

When you see her, get close to her SLOWLY. Do not run. When she tilts her head, stop. Turn around, and DO NOT touch your mouse. After she says “don’t move” count to ten. Then she will be gone. I repeat, DO NOT TOUCH YOUR MOUSE AT ALL.

Avoiding Lucas

Lucas is a bald, heavily tattooed Caucasian man sharply dressed in a black suit with matching gloves. He’s armed with a suppressor-fitted pistol and a sniper rifle, and speaks in his native language of Polish.
To avoid Lucas, do the following:
  • Check the windows of your apartment periodically to see if there is any laser. If there is any, see below.
  • While on the roof, watch for lasers. If there is any, see below.
  • Make sure that your apartments door is locked.
  • When you leave your apartment, be sure to close the door behind you.
If any of the above happened:
I saw a laser in my apartment.

Do not panic. Do not stay still. Do not turn on your flashlight when you’re running around. Use your flashlight for a split second, if you need it. Turn off some lights if you are able to. Then you can hide in your bathtub, or under your bed. Wait time depends on how many lights are off. The more light is off, the quicker he gives up.

I saw a laser on the rooftop.

I got my package/fixed the antenna.

If you are close to the elevator, you can run to the elevator and block his view. Do not stay still. Do not turn on your flashlight when you’re running around. Use your flashlight for a split second, if you need it.

I am next to the package or the antenna.

There is a hiding spot near the package and the antenna. While hiding, you are able to peek. But peek only if you need to. Do not peek to much or he will see and shoot you.

Avoiding Mr. Delfalco

Mr. Delfalco is like “The Dollmaker” from WTTG 2. There’s a way to stop him from coming into the apartment, but only the developer of the game knows how to do that. I will add it when I find out.
I saw a man with a black straw hat and a long sleeved black jacket.

He is Mr Delfalco. You can not report him. He will just stand there and stare at you menacingly until you switch your camera. He is a cleaner. He cleans bodies, and he never leaves trace. Since you saw him, he will try to kill you.

What do I do now?

He will try to hunt you down until the end of your shift. You can encounter him in several conditions. Each has its own method of avoidance.

In your apartment:

If you hear a whistle, that means he is about to enter your apartment and kill you. When you hear it, get up and turn off some lights if you are able to. It will make him give up sooner. It is not necessary to turn off the lights. Hide under your bed, and wait for him to leave.

On the rooftop:

If you hear a sound from the elevator, run to a hiding spot. He will roam around and see if you are there. It’s just that.

Approaching to a corridor after seeing him on the camera:

He will spawn on every floor except yours. When delivering a package, do not waste your stamina. You will need it. Walk to the door where you will deliver the package. He will spawn when you approach the middle of the corridor. If you see a door opening in front of you, turn around and run to the elevator. He won’t chase you after entering the elevator.

Thanks to SheDoesntLoveMe for his excellent guide; all credit belongs to his effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. Enjoy the game.

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  1. potresti aggiungere una parte di guida dedicata al pc? usando molto del tempo a combattere i killer col passare delle ore mi diventa difficile fare tutte le segnalazioni necessarie.

  2. I have a black male problem.
    it happened to me for the first time very late in the game: I had just sat down at the PC and after a while he pulled me from the desk (with the black woman behind me) killing me.
    It happened to me again at the start of the game around 11-something.
    How do I counter it?

  3. Thanks! How do you prevent the male noir from killing you on the roof? Sometimes when I go out of the elevator he just instantly kills me


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