FlipWitch Forbidden Sex Hex: Simple Coin Farming Guide (Early Game)

I made this guide with only 2 hours of playtime on the day of release, so there might be way better methods to be discovered.



Enemies in this game do not stay dead and will keep dropping coins, therefore you can keep farming them. One good spot for doing that is located close to the first boss save statue.
This strategy can be used within first 30 – 60 minutes of gameplay.

What to do

There are 2 bomb throwing goblins and one large goblin.

Killing the large goblin grants 20 coins.

The “Fortune Cat” charm seems to randomly add some extra coins.

Jumping down and up the hole respawns him.

With consistent movement, I was able to get 100 coins per minute.

Saving progress

Saving takes only few seconds since there is one save statue super close.

This way, you can easily farm coins and buy expensive items early on.

Thanks to bloody jill for their excellent guide; all credit belongs to their effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. Enjoy the game.

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