FlipWitch Forbidden Sex Hex: How To Do Big Damage Easily

An easy method to burst down enemy’s with large hp


How to Get the Bomb Ability

To even do this strategy, you need to have the bomb. The witches location is were the bomb location is. This does Require the Gender Swap

The Strategy

The strategy is to always hold down the range attack while doing the basic attack, doing this will launch your bomb when it is available. once it is launched, you need to hold the range button again and do your barrage of attacks as it shoots again.

The amazing thing about this is if your out of mana, your basic attacks will generate mana and shoot the bomb as soon as its available. this should help you crank up your damage to either beat bosses faster or destroy groups of enemy’s in a flash

Thanks to Simping Delphox for their great guide, all credit to their effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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