Hydroneer: How to Reactivate Achievements After Using Mods

After a few hours of playing, the main mechanics of the game is torture if you want to create big things, I installed the Bulk Buy Crates mod, just to help me with future crazy constructions, the problem? the game disables the achievements. So with no solution on the internet and in mods, I went digging through the game files:

  • You will need a save that has not yet been marked as “Used mods or creative”, you can create a new one just to do this guide
  • You will need HxD

On the HxD page, choose your preferred language > after downloading, extract and install

On HxD, open your saves folder:


Open your world save > Level.sav

Open the two files: (HxD can open multiple files)
Save without problems
and save that was marked as using mods

Go to the end of the good file and look for:


Copy this from good file:

And in the same place in the bad file, you will paste it, it seems that they are identical, but there are characters that the program cannot show, it only says that they are bigger.

If you’re afraid of copying wrong, you can just copy that final part and paste it in the other one, like this:

remember to disable all mods too

Remembering that this should only be done after you no longer want to use mods, because the game will always modify your save back.

I don’t want to be against the game creator’s decision about mods, but the mods should at least be categorized, where some could take away the achievements and some couldn’t. or add more things mid and end game that facilitate construction, even if the item costs 1 million, in this game it is very easy to get rich, which ends the fun early, but I’m playing for the achievements.

Thanks to Zero Hora for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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