Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach – All Collectibles Location & Repairing Chica Guide (RUIN DLC)

This guide will help you finding all 45 collectible locations. Every location is thoroughly described and will contain a screenshot showing the collectible. There will also be help with how to reach a repairing Chica secret.


Extra Info

There are 45 collectibles in total. 15 collectibles are the real ones and 30 are AR collectibles.

AR collectibles can be found ONLY while wearing the mask and real collectibles can be seen ONLY when not wearing the mask.

If you are following this guide after beating the game and want to go back and find all of the collectibles then you can use a load chapter system that is available in the game. It will allow you to go back to chapters while saving all your progress.

However if you load the chapter and find the collectible then you have to wait until you get to an auto save point. Only then found collectibles will be saved.

When you get to an auto save point you’ll see this icon in the bottom right corner:

Chapter 1

  • AR Glam Monty Plush

    You need to progress to the moment of getting the security mask. Right after getting it instead of going through the glitched object go left and collectible will be seen inside of the container.

  • AR Bonnie Piñata

    After going through the second bathroom you will see a room on the left that is accesible with the mask. Collectible can be found inside.

  • AR Nightmare Plush

    Now you’ll have to reach the area where you’ll have to unlock the electrified door. Go right from there and you will see the doorway accesible with the mask where you will find the collectible.

  • Comic Page 5

    Right next to the previous collectible is another.

    Important! You will not see the normal collectible while wearing the mask!

  • AR Tragedy Mask

    When you go upstairs to the first security node you will see the collectible after going left.

Chapter 2

  • AR Moon Plush

    Right after entering Daycare in the first castle tower go upstairs to find it.

  • AR Sun Mask

    When jumping down the slide after getting grabbed by daycare attendant go left right next to the mini bridge to get this collectible.

  • AR Moon Piñata

    After getting grabbed by daycare attendant the second time go immediately left and the collectible will be on the mini table.

  • AR Sun Plush

    After activating the first generator drop down and reach the security desk to find it.

  • AR Golden Sun

    when going into the climbing structure second time you will see a virtual entity looking at you upstairs from behind the walls. Go there and then head left into another stairs up instead of following the drawn arrow on the ground to get it.

  • AR Comedy Mask

    After you leave the daycare you can go into Lucky Stars Giftshop. You will see a glitched object inside behind the counter. After crossing it you will find the collectible.

  • AR Golden Moon

    In Daycare Theater when facing the screen go right to hallway and then upstairs to reach a glitched poster. Go past it to get to a hidden secret room. The collectible will be available in this room up on the balcony that can be reached by jumping on the boxes.

Chapter 3

  • AR Sun Piñata

    When you shoot down the first target to lower raised catwalk go forward and you will see it on the right.

  • Comic Page 2

    After going through a virtual bridge you will see a slippery platform on the right with this collectible at the end.

  • AR Glam Chica Plush

    After you get rid of a virtual entity and get to a child node you will see a hanging platform behind you where is the next collectible.

  • AR Foxy Plush

    When you get off the ride to the maintenance room you have to progress until you reach the staircase. Under it to you’ll find another collectible.

Chapter 4

  • AR Glam Bonnie Plush

    Progress into the bakery until you reach the first machine to activate with your Faz-Wrench. Wear mask and you’ll see a collectible on the left.

    WARNING! Although this collectable is included in 4th chapter completion it is unreachable when loading the chapter from menu as save point is right after you jump out of conveyor belt. You have to play the entire chapter 3 to get to this area.

  • Comic Page 7

    After you get pushed down by a giant cupcake go to the left side of a pile of trash to find it.

  • Fixing Chica [1/2]

    When you lure chica out of the way instead of going into a hallway on the right and starting the mini chase sequence you need to go to the bathroom on the left.

    Here you will have to go through the stalls to get to a secret room with an arcade minigame you can play called “Chica’s Feeding Frenzy”.

    In this minigame you have to defeat 20 waves of enemies to win. If you win you’ll get Chica’s Voice Box. Now with this voice box you need to progress with the story to the next chapter.

    This item is also saved across chapters so you can as well load another chapter after getting an autosave.

  • AR Chica Lunchbox

    When you deactivate an inhibitor go back to the place where you jumped away from chica and the collectible will be here.

  • AR Foxy Mask

    After getting through the cupcake you have to go right into the bathroom. Collectable will be in the first stall.

  • AR Golden Freddy

    As you cross the server room area you will see a virtual waterfall. Go upstairs above the wet floor bot to find the collectible there.

Chapter 5

  • AR Glam Roxy Plush

    After getting Roxy to run away instead of following her through the doors go left to an elevated stage to find the collectible.

  • Comic Page 4

    When you reach the second child node look behind it and the collectable will be between the booths.

  • AR Golden Plushbaby

    Progress further until you reach the area with staircase. The collectable will be on top of the stairs.

  • Fixing Chica [2/2]

    After you collect the last child node you will see chica going in front of you to bathroom and then sitting in the left corner. Normally when you come to her she just jumpscares you. However if you got her voice box from before you can use it to repair her.

    No idea if this unlocks anything but at least she got back her voice :3.

Chapter 6

  • AR Moon Mask

    At the start when you get to the Roxy Raceway instead of going through the open doorway go to the door on the left to find it.

  • Comic Page 3

    After Roxy breaks the first barricade go through it and the collectible will be in the corner on the left.

  • AR Plushbaby

    When you go next to the container on the left (the moment when dialogue starts) you can go into it with the mask and get it.

Chapter 7

  • Faz-Token #1

    Progress until you’ll climb the ladder to the office room. It can be found on a drawer on the left when entering the office.

  • Comic Page 1

    When you get to the split corridor with 2 sets of doors on both sides go left to the second door to find it.

  • AR Bonnie Mask

    Now go the right side and go through the second glitched door with the mask.

  • AR Golden Foxy

    After getting to Bonnie Bowl leave the restaurant part and go straight to the women’s bathroom and you will see it in the stall with mini Music Man.

  • AR Golden Bonnie

    Now go back to the restaurant part and from there go left to the very end and hold the right side of the barricades until you see the collectible on your left.

  • AR Helpy Plush

    To reach this collectible you need to get inside the secret room after deactivating all of the wet floor bots. The collectible will be standing in the entrance.

    If you need help with finding all of the robots you can check my guide about it here.

Chapter 8

  • AR Glam Freddy Plush

    After you fall into Fazer Blast area hug the left wall until you see the collectible.

  • AR Foxy Lunchbox

    Right after when you go through door teleport into area with your mask being locked go along the right wall until you find it.

  • Comic Page 6

    When you get to the escape sequence from Freddy the collectible is next to the vent on the right.

  • Faz-Token #2

    Right after you escape the mini Music Man in the vent you’ll end up in the locker room. Collectible is between the fallen lockers.

  • AR Freddy Lunchbox

    When you walk through another vent you will fall into another hallway. The collectible will be behind the glitched wall on the left.

Chapter 9

  • AR Bonnie Lunchbox

    When going through the garages one of them has the collectible at the entrance on the left.

  • Faz-Token #3

    When you get to the water cave where your flashlight will break you will see it on the left from the way further.

    Important! When going for the first time in chapter 9 you will find Candy Cadet which in return for 5 Faz-Tokens will tell you a story. Every used Faz-Token will disappear from your collected collectibles inventory and you’ll have to replay the chapter to collect them again.

  • Faz-Token #4

    It’s on the right side of the water cave on a little island.

  • Faz-Token #5

    On the right of the hallway after you leave the water cave.

  • Faz-Token #6

    You can see it right behind the door in room with Candy Cadet.

  • Faz-Token #7

    You can find it behind the right door in burner room after going down the stairs.

  • Comic Page 8

    Instead of turning right into the locked door go all the way ahead into another burner room and you’ll see it on the desk.


That’s everything for this guide!

I hope it was helpful and you got every collectible possible. After getting everything your inventory should look like this with all collectibles in order:

  • Real Collectibles:
    • Fazcoin #1
    • Fazcoin #2
    • Fazcoin #3
    • Fazcoin #4
    • Fazcoin #5
    • Fazcoin #6
    • Fazcoin #7
    • Comic Page 1
    • Comic Page 2
    • Comic Page 3
    • Comic Page 4
    • Comic Page 5
    • Comic Page 6
    • Comic Page 7
    • Comic Page 8
  • AR Collectibles:
    • Comedy Mask
    • Tragedy Mask
    • Sun Mask
    • Moon Mask
    • Foxy Mask
    • Bonnie Mask
    • Glam Roxy Plush
    • Glam Chica Plush
    • Glam Freddy Plush
    • Glam Monty Plush
    • Moon Plush
    • Sun Plush
    • Glam Bonnie Plush
    • Foxy Plush
    • Plushbaby
    • Nightmare Plush
    • Helpy Plush
    • Freddy Lunchbox
    • ChicaLunchbox
    • Foxy Lunchbox
    • Bonnie Lunchbox
    • Sun Piñata
    • Moon Piñata
    • Bonnie Piñata
    • Golden Foxy
    • Golden Bonnie
    • Golden Plushbaby
    • Golden Freddy
    • Golden Sun
    • Golden Moon

When you find some mistakes or if something is unclear tell me about it in the comments so I can fix it.

Thanks to DG for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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