Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach – All Wet Floor Bots Location Guide (New RUIN DLC)

This guide will help you finding all 27 wet floor bots locations. Every location is thoroughly described and has a screenshot showing the bot.


Extra Info

If you are following this guide after beating the game and want to go back and find all of the wet floor bots then you can use a load chapter system that is available in the game. It will allow you to go back to chapters while saving all your progress.

However if you load the chapter and find the wet floor bot then you have to wait until you get to an auto save point. Only then the deactivated wet floor bots will be saved.

When you get to an auto save point you’ll see this icon in the bottom right corner:

Chapter 1

  • Wet Floor Bot #1

    You need to progress to the moment of getting the security mask. Then you’ll be required to unlock the bathroom. You will see the robot inside of it standing on the right.

  • Wet Floor Bot #2

    Now you’ll have to reach the area where you are first time being warned about the virtual entity. The robot will be hiding in the back behind the logs on left side.

  • Wet Floor Bot #3

    When you unlock the electrified door the robot will be standing in front of the entry into the kitchen.

  • Wet Floor Bot #4

    The same kitchen contains another robot standing next to the door progressing further

Chapter 2

  • Wet Floor Bot #5

    When you jump out of the monitor to Superstar Daycare turn left to see a standing robot.

  • Wet Floor Bot #6

    After reaching the daycare and activating the second generator you’ll have to jump down the climbing structure. The robot will be standing right under there.

  • Wet Floor Bot #7

    After you leave the daycare you can go into Lucky Stars Giftshop. The robot will be standing right behind the forklift.

  • Wet Floor Bot #8

    When you enter the Daycare Theater you will find him in the corner behind the scissor lift

  • Wet Floor Bot #9

    In Daycare Theater when facing the screen go right to hallway and then upstairs to reach a glitched poster. Go past it to get to a hidden secret room. The robot will be standing in the room next to it connected with a tube.

Chapter 3

  • Wet Floor Bot #10

    When you go through a teleport to another catwalk go left until you see a slippery platform next to a camera monitor.

    You need to wear a mask and slide down to a hidden teleport to a show stage where you will find the next robot.

  • Wet Floor Bot #11

    After you get rid of a virtual entity and get to a child node you will see a hanging platform behind you. Jump on it and while wearing the mask cross the glitched wall to the robot.

    It is also possible to reach the robot from above the stairs when crouching.

  • Wet Floor Bot #12

    When you get off the ride to the maintenance room instead of progressing to the right go back left and down the stairs to the room with the robot.

  • Wet Floor Bot #13

    After entering the bakery go along the right side until you come across the robot.

Chapter 4

  • Wet Floor Bot #14

    Progress in the chapter until you get to a mini chase with Chica that leads you to the kitchen. After getting through the cupcake you have to go right into the bathroom. The robot will be standing on the right.

  • Wet Floor Bot #15

    After deactivating the security node the doors will unlock. Go through them and the robot will be standing in a further hallway on left.

  • Wet Floor Bot #16

    As you cross the server room area you will see a virtual waterfall. Go through it to reach the robot.

Chapter 5

  • Wet Floor Bot #17

    After getting Roxy to run away instead of following her through the doors go left to an elevated stage to find the robot.

  • Wet Floor Bot #18

    Progress further until you reach the area with staircase. You will find him next to the stairs.

  • Wet Floor Bot #19

    This one is on the opposite side of the same staircase.

  • Wet Floor Bot #20

    After collecting the last child node go to the bathroom further on the right to find the robot.

Chapter 6

  • Wet Floor Bot #21

    At the start when you get to the Roxy Raceway instead of going through the open doorway go to the door on the left to find him.

  • Wet Floor Bot #22

    Progress further until Roxy breaks the second barricade go through and the robot will be straight in the corner.

    WARNING! Roxy is bugged in this part and gets blocked forcing you to get jumpscared. After you retry the deactivated bot will not save so make sure you get him after respawning.

  • Wet Floor Bot #23

    After you get grabbed by Roxy you will get into new room where you can find the robot further on the right side.

Chapter 7

  • Wet Floor Bot #24

    Progress until you’ll climb the ladder to the office room. You can find him on the right side when entering the office.

  • Wet Floor Bot #25

    Now after getting to Bonnie Bowl leave the restaurant part and go left to the very end and hold the right side of the barricades until you see the bot on your left.

  • Wet Floor Bot #26

    After unlocking the door to arcade zone go straight ahead to find him.

  • Wet Floor Bot #27

    After you get through arcade zone go right through hallway and he will be standing on the left.

Final Wet Floor Bot and Accesing the Secret Room

If you have done everything then you should get access to a secret room. Go to the bowling part of Bonnie Bowl and head to furthest right corner. Beneath the vent you should see the final wet floor bot here.

If you can’t see this robot then check again if you haven’t missed any of the robots before!

When you deactivate him a secret passage will open on the left. Inside this secret room you’ll find broken Glamrock Bonnie on the ground surrounded by 4 wet floor bots.

You can exit the secret room with the same passage or through a vent further above.

Thanks to DG for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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