Dome Keeper: New Assessor Achievements Guide

How to get the new achievements added in the assessor patch.   SPOILERS AHEAD! If you don’t want to be spoiled for these achievements, and want to find and unlock them yourself, skip this guide for now. Master of Gravity To get this achievement, simply unlock the Assessor. The easiest way is to complete a … Read more

Dome Keeper: Prestige Mode Guide (How to Go Infinite)

A guide showing you how to easily go infinite (or as close as the game lets you) in Prestige Mode   The Goal Greetings, Dome Keeper! This guide will explain how to easily stay in Prestige Mode until you’ve mined every single resource. Doing this allows you to net thousands of points and claim the┬áMy … Read more

Dome Keeper: “Quick Finish” Achievement Guide

Tips And Tricks On The Speedrun Achievement, Even Though It’s Pretty Easy.   What the heck is it? So this is the achievement we are aiming for, simple. Honestly its a pretty easy achievement but still took me a handful of runs so im making this guide for those who wanna just do it one … Read more

Dome Keeper: Tips and Strategies

Guide for new players that want to improve they runs and improve they chances on higher difficulties   Beginner tips For trying to do a easier to read guide, im going to try to divide everything on fast to read tips First of all, playing with keyboard and controller is basically the same. Both are … Read more