Dome Keeper: Tips and Strategies

Guide for new players that want to improve they runs and improve they chances on higher difficulties


Beginner tips

For trying to do a easier to read guide, im going to try to divide everything on fast to read tips

First of all, playing with keyboard and controller is basically the same. Both are really comfortable and its just a preference on what makes you more comfortable

  • Upgrade the drill as your first. This will help you to explore faster the map
  • Leave a big gap for your main road, this may consume a little more time, but will help you to identify faster when you reach a straight up path back to your dome
  • Drill leaving two blocks in the middle, this will allow you to see any mineral that may show up
  • Start with the laser for your dome, sword is really hard to control if you don’t know how to use it

Exploration and mining

For this, there is multiple ways to do it, but this method works for easy and medium difficulty since they tend to consume a little more time than usual if you don’t have resources for faster mining

  • Like said before, leaving an indication that you reach the middle and straight path forward to your dome is important, you can do it leaving a gap of 3 for it (that also will help if you choose the Lift as your upgrade)
  • To travel faster going up once you reach the middle, I strongly recommend destroying the corner for easier turn. The idea is exploring the map and creating routes without spending a lot of time cleaning unnecessary rocks that doesn’t provide resources
  • Do a secondary route once you dont see anymore your main gap, this will help you to move in diagonal and not having to do a L shape back to your dome. The faster path between two points is the most straight line possible
  • Water (or the sphere) is a material that, by its own, doesn’t help too much. Prioritize finding more cubes than anything else
  • Try to upgrade the first vertical line of your character. Drill will help you to explore faster, the speed will help you to spend more time under without sacrificing hp of your dome and being able to carry more will help you to grab more minerals (3 → 5) without slowing down

Recommended upgrades

This, of course, will depend on the weapon and gadget you want to use, still there are some basics that will help you to reach faster some results

  • Again, your first upgrade should be the drill no matter what. After that, it will depend if you find Lift gadget or not, since this will have some general benefits on your run
    Your first “to complete” line of upgrades would be a mix of the first vertical line of your character, damage you do on your dome and, radar to know when your enemy is close
    The hp of your base and the resource guide it’s something that I don’t recommend in medium and hard difficulties since you want to reach faster other more important upgrades
  • Never shred your gadget, except on high difficulties if they make you choose between Drillbert and bomb, they suck and need too much attention and upgrades to be useful
  • Choose Lift, it’s the most broken one. It will not only help you to collect resources while you explore and mine, but also the upgrade to give you speed will help you to stay longer on the deep parts without having to leave earlier and defend your dome, but also, you can drop resources and the orbes will take care of it
  • Don’t add too many orbes to Lift, it’s a waste of resources and, if they grab too many resources and you need them in the moment, you won’t be able to take them back to recollect them yourself
  • Lift, no matter what. Don’t even thing in something else


This is the hardest part of all, not only depends on how much luck you got on getting resources, but also on how fast you are in general aspects

  • Upgrade as your first the damage of your weapon. This will help you to kill enemies faster on your first waves and avoid getting damage that later you will need to repair
  • There won’t be any need to upgrade for an aim sight since you can tap the shoot of your laser to see where is it aiming. Of course, this is if you choose the laser
    If you have any vision troubles, I would recommend talking about that with the developer, we may help to add a accessibility option so you don’t have to actually spend resources on it
  • The speed and damage are REALLY important, even more important than the HP of your dome, damage more than speed. Balance them between your character speed and drill damage
  • LIFT!
  • Your starter gadget will depend a 100% on which helps you more. I personally like the steam that stop the timer and the extra shield, but I notice in easy and medium difficulty that I barely use them, just for achievements

Thanks to LorenzoStupify de Mecha for his excellent guide, all credit to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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