Dome Keeper: New Assessor Achievements Guide

How to get the new achievements added in the assessor patch.



If you don’t want to be spoiled for these achievements, and want to find and unlock them yourself, skip this guide for now.

Master of Gravity

To get this achievement, simply unlock the Assessor.

The easiest way is to complete a relic hunt run and select the Assessor when prompted.

Solitaire Pong

To get this achievement, you must reflect a sphere 15 times in a row.

You only need to upgrade your sphere reflection once to get this. Bouncing against a wall is harder since your sphere will disappear quickly, because your sphere will stay alive longer when it breaks rocks. This means getting sphere damage upgrades will make this achievement much easier to get.

Perfect Placement

To get this achievement, you must have a sphere fly for 17 seconds or longer, without reflecting it yourself.

This is possible if you have all of the sphere lifetime upgrades, but can take a few tries since you need to make sure the sphere doesn’t fizzle out. Remember that spheres will stay alive longer the more rocks they break, so letting them go just up/down or left/right won’t get you very far. I recommend getting sphere damage upgrades to keep them alive longer, as well as the lifetime upgrades mentioned before, and then shooting a sphere diagonally in an enclosed space or corridor.

Bulky Goods

To get this achievement, you must shoot a bundle of 20 resources or more.

You must have the bundle shot upgrade to be able to shoot bundles. You don’t need to shoot the bundle into your dome to unlock this achievement, so shooting it anywhere is fine.

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