Dome Keeper: “Quick Finish” Achievement Guide

Tips And Tricks On The Speedrun Achievement, Even Though It’s Pretty Easy.


What the heck is it?

So this is the achievement we are aiming for, simple. Honestly its a pretty easy achievement but still took me a handful of runs so im making this guide for those who wanna just do it one run and be done with it.

What is the prep?

Well obviously (and I hope I don’t have to say this), your gonna be on the Relic Hunt gamemode.

As far as the loadout I used in game I went with the Sword Dome and Shield gadget (which in retrospect was probably a bad idea).
It doesnt matter what dome you choose really, its just personal preference.
Gadgets are similar in that it is mostly preference but there are a few advantages to be aware of

  • Shield means you wont have to worry about dome health as much
  • Repellent means you get more time to yourself digging towards the relic (though i dont know if its worth it considering its recharge rate)
  • Orchard is probably the best pick for this, since with my setup we wont be upgrading much and the speed + Mining boost will come in very handy.

As for the world itself your gonna want a Small World on Normal Difficulty , It should be pretty obvious as to why both of these things are important.

Personally, I did this with no modifiers, so its really up to you on what you want. Just dont take maze for the love of god.

If your having issues with this achievement than i would recommend intentionally dying in another run where you have the mining explosives or ya boi Drillbert, as they will most likely be very handy to carry over into this challenge. you can also do Lift i guess for the speed when you fly upwards, but we will be getting barely any materials so it will probably be useless since you wont be able to get the upgrade.

Okay, Im in the game… Now What?

So, you wanna check the top few layers for iron (the yellow cubes you need for everything) but only these first handful of rows consisting of easy to dig material.
Also ignore any water or cobalt (unless you need the cobalt to repair in order to survive).

With the exception of the Hostile Radar Upgrade (the one that lets you see enemy waves coming), the are only TWO Upgrade paths you ever wanna invest in.

Speed and Drill Strength baby

If you have to choose between the two then go with the latter as it’ll be imperative as you go further down. Since we wont be using many resources we need to consolidate as much as we can, this means no health meter or resource counter. They may be very cheap but that 1-2 Iron can make all the difference.

After this its really simple, just do Minecraft’s cardinal sin and start digging straight down till you hit one of the relics activators, the relic itself, or flat out rock bottom.

Feel free to carry back any iron you’ve come across on your way back up your death pit for further speed increases (though only grab it when your intending on going up anyway, not just going back solely to depot the iron.)

That is basically it, If your fast (and lucky) enough than you wont even have to upgrade your domes weapon or anything in order to fend off the waves.

Again, the achievements easy. just takes some trial and error to learn what to do, which this guide is here so you don’t gotta do that trial and error.

Thanks to Echo2309 for his excellent guide, all credit to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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