Do Not Feed the Monkeys 2099: All Achievements Guide

Guide for all of the ***non-cage completion*** achievements in Do Not Feed the Monkeys 2099. I made this guide because the others were inaccurate/missing information/written in Chinese. I wanted this to be clear, but haven’t included step-by-step walkthroughs for each cage as they are already readily available in other guides.


Story Progress Achievements

– Reach club level 2 (get 9 cages before day 6).

– Reach club level 3 (get 16 cages before day 11).

– Reach club level 4 (get 25 cages before day 16).

– Be given the gizmograph.

Misc Achievements

– Buy the video recording and the night vision functions.

– Across playthroughs, record more than 60 key words.

Cosmic Inflation
– Invest in any project and make a profit.

(You can invest using the phone and track progress with the investment app. Click the button next to your investment to see its progress on the graph.)

Big Crunch
– Do all 3 jobs on your work panel next to the door in one day.

Work Principle
– Complete the author/screenwriter cage (It’s a 2 part cage with someone working at a typewriter, then a balcony) or the murder scene cage.
– After completing either of these cages, you can find a fourth job on your work panel. Work as the ‘extra’ to complete this.

– Have over 500 credits.

Chain Reaction
– Order takeout food and tip the delivery person. The next day you get a coupon. Use the coupon and order food again to get this.

Hive Mind
– Buy 10 different items and send them to any address. I’d recommend you send them to the prison (get the address by looking at cage 2 of the prison at 6 AM and finding the address for Riversong Penitentiary as this does not close the cage, whereas sending items to other places does). You do not have to have the items accepted, just sent.

Theory of Everything
– Have one of each type of food in your fridge simultaneously.

Kessler’s Syndrome
– Have seven collectables. Obtain these through completing cages and accepting packages for apartment 3 from the post robot.

– Click a keyword from a news article.
– I did this through the rescue cage. I sent a video of the lost adventurer to GossUp and then the next day ‘King of Gossip’ came up on the newspaper. You can still rescue him by doing this, but I imagine it gives bad karma.

Delivery Achievements

During your playthrough, the dyslexic delivery bot will attempt to deliver packages meant for Apartment 3, to your apartment (11). You can accept or decline them.

If you accept them, you get objects that are displayed on your shelves and can be sold.

For the achievements, there is an element of luck.

– The time capsule can arrive on the 3rd incorrect delivery. All you need to do is open the box.

Brown Dwarf
– You can receive a ‘waffle’ that goes in your fridge, which you need to keep until the next day. Eat some of your food so it doesn’t go to waste because the next day it will have eaten everything in the fridge. It will start eating itself, and you get an achievement.

The Law of Robotics
– If you reject the incorrect delivery continuously, you will get this achievement.

Infinite Improbability
– Receive a towel from the delivery bot. Go to bed (even just for 1 hour) and you get this achievement.

End Game Achievements

Missing Link & Escape Pod
– Blow up the satellite and repeatedly call the robot mechanic to provoke her with the hideaway keyword. Both cause you to reveal yourself as interfering with the monkeys because the connection is lost to the cages.
– Do it in this order for ‘Escape Pod’, to ensure you get the VIP pass from Nathan Wood of the satellite cage.
– The ending will involve using the VIP pass and you will obtain this achievement.

Particle & Anti-Particle
– These are based on how you interact with the conspiracy theorist writing his thesis, and the club representative.
– For ‘Anti-Particle’, comply with the conspiracy theorist by stoking his theories and agreeing with him, and working against the club by feeding the monkeys. Answer his questions for the 5Ms with what he wants to hear.
– If you have played the first game, the Gizmograph is like the flower. You need to make it happy with your responses to the questions that the conspiracy theorist asks.
– Do the opposite and help the club representative for ‘Particle’.

Proton, Neutron & Electron
– Based on how you answer the questions that the conspiracy theorist asks for the ‘5M’s. See above.
– For ‘Proton’ the Gizmograph should be green. It should stay blue for ‘Neutron’, and go red for ‘Electron’.

Thanks to Mia for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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