DEVOUR: New Slaughterhouse Map Guide for Singleplayer Mode

This guide will help you complete the Slaughterhouse map on Nightmare in the Singleplayer mode.   Foreword I didn’t come up with this strategy myself. I looked it up on Youtube. The purpose of this guide is to present the strategy in a clear and structured way so that you don’t have to guess or … Read more

DEVOUR: All Slaughterhouse Battery Spawns Map

This is a map of all battery spawns on the Slaughterhouse, as well as screenshots of each specific spawn.   The Map Spawns are marked by red dots. 24 spots in total. Corridors On your right as you leave the Loading Bay into Corridors, on a breaker box. On the north side of the Corridors, … Read more

DEVOUR: All Collectibles Guide (The Inn Map)

This guide will tell you where all the blossoms are in the DEVOUR map the Inn. Use this guide to complete the achievement “Pollination” and receive the blossom robe. Spoiler Alert!!!   Outside The Inn Before jumping into the house, on the left in the corner between the plants and the spider web. Downstairs: Reception … Read more

DEVOUR: The Town Map (Basic MS Paint Version)

Decided to make a map of it randomly since me and my friends got mixed up where stuff was. It’s just for the main building locations not for the item spawn locations.   The Town Map (Basic MS Paint Version) Thanks to IcyCyborg for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read … Read more

DEVOUR: The Town Map Guide

Here is a full walkthrough and guide for DEVOUR’s new map: The Town. Note: New DEVOUR map The Town now available to play on March 25, 2022!   The Town Map Walkthrough & Guide This map is like a combination of all the maps, however the gameplay is very different. It is also very difficult, … Read more

DEVOUR: All Horseshoes Locations (New Skin Unlock)

In this guide I will tell you in which areas of the map (THE TOWN) you will find the 25 horseshoes to unlock the skin.   GUN SHOP Left back corner Right weapons table Outside Gun Shop in between containers CLOTHING STORE Right side of Clothing Store (outside) First floor on shelf MID MAP Tripped … Read more

Devour Asylum Map (All Floors Label)

Devour, the co-op horror game that had you sacrificing goats, has just received a major update. A new map, called The Asylum, is live starting today. Here are some maps (credit to jm9937)  for the latest stage. we will add the spawn points for rat cans and keys later.   Maps for Asylum DEVOUR New Map: The Asylum … Read more