Deep Sea Valentine: All Bubble Locations Guide

Picture guide of the locations of all the hidden bubbles in Deep Sea Valentine!
Bubble #1

First bubble’s the easiest, It’s in the starting area, near Triche’s house. You have to trigger the intro scene first (by walking to the north to gaze at the surface), to be able to access it, but other than that, just walk down the steps to the north and you can grab it no problem.

Bubble #2

Another very simple one to find, it’s in the northeast part of the beach area where you encounter Sinus and Joru.

Bubble #3: Probably the one you missed.

This one’s on the left side of the kelp maze where you rescued Tae. The path isn’t super obvious, off of a dead end. It’s a very missable one.

Bubble #4
This one’s just to the left of Tae’s home, in the purple kelp forest to the west.

Bubble #5
Bubble #5 is located in the right entrance of the Murky Water Cave, through the opening at the beach where you met Sinus and Joru. You can enter it after your second encounter with the duo
It’s fairly missable since you can only enter the cave late in the game, and it’s never actually required in any of the routes to enter the Murky Water Cave through this route, but it’s not hard to find if you do go in there.

Bubble #6
Simple one, it’s to the right of Moka’s house, available near the end of the game.

Bubble #7
This one’s in the cave at the end of the game, it’s pretty easily missable mostly due to the fact you only have a small window of time to grab it before the end of the game.
I believe on Moka’s route, you will be able to backtrack to all the bubbles at the end, as long as you don’t talk to her to begin the end scene, all the other routes will stop you from backtracking at some point.
Right after making the cave collapse with Albica’s help, you will want to head all the way to the right, then follow the path south to find it, if you grabbed every other bubble at this point, you should get the Explorer achievement!

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