Death’s Door: All Shrines, Weapons, and Upgrades Locations

Locations of all Shrines, Weapons, and Magic Upgrades in Death’s Door with screenshots.



Listed in chronological order.

Lost Cemetery Shrine 1
Walk behind this tower wall and the camera will swing around revealing a path.

Urn Witch Estate Shrine 1
In the Northwest garden, enter the hole in the hedge walls to travel behind the mansion.

Ceramic Mansion Shrine
In the West wing, there is a locked door and two key-pots only visible in the floor’s reflection.

Urn Witch Estate Shrine 2
In the Southeast Garden, light the 4 braziers with Fireball.

Furnace Observation Rooms Shrine
At the 4-way bull intersection, look across the empty dock and shoot the bullhead to bring it to you.

Overgrown Ruins Shrine 1
On the wall by Mama’s camp, drop down this ledge and the camera will swing around, revealing a path.

Overgrown Ruins Shrine 2
In the Northeast corner of the forest, drop-attack onto this manhole cover to enter the sewer pipe.

Mushroom Dungeon Shrine
Blow up this wall in one of the ghost Crow rooms.

Flooded Castle Shrine
Loose an arrow through this arch to trigger a path.

Lost Cemetery Shrine 2
Near the entrance to the mountain, drop down this path and blow open the cave entrance.

The Stranded Sailor Shrine 1
Drop-attack onto this manhole cover to enter the sewer pipes.

Castle Lockstone Shrine
Hookshot into this alcove and pull the hidden lever.

Lost Cemetery Shrine 3
Near the door from the Grove to the Cemetery, hookshot to this anchor/ankh.

Overgrown Ruins Shrine 3
Hookshot to this anchor/ankh and beat the difficult arena fight.

The Stranded Sailor Shrine 2
Hookshot across the docks and beat the arena.

Camp of the Free Crows Shrine
Instead of taking the elevator, continue west and complete the ice gauntlet.


Discarded Umbrella
Found in the Hall of Doors at the start of the game. [Must pick up before entering the grove to work towards the “Umbrella only” challenge]Rogue’s Daggers
Found in the Urn Witch Estate, laying on the ground in the Northeast garden.

Thunder Hammer
Found in the Mushroom Dungeon/Overgrown Ruins.

Take this ladder in the Mushroom Dungeon and follow the path to drop down onto the hammer.

Reaper’s Greatsword
Found at The Stranded Sailor after unlocking the hookshot and solving it’s puzzle

Puzzle location 1

Puzzle location 2

Puzzle location 3

Puzzle location 4

Magic Upgrades / Silent Guardians

Arrow Guardian

Found in the Catacombs under the Lost Cemetery. Only reachable after unlocking the Hookshot.Entrance to the Catacombs.

Puzzle room.

Flame Guardian
Found in the are between the Lost Cemetery and the Urn Witch Estate after unlocking Fireball.

Burn the webs on this doorway to enter.

Bomb Guardian
Found in the Lost Cemetery after unlocking Bombs.

Bomb this doorway to find it.

Hookshot Guardian
Found in the mountains between the Lost Cemetery and The Stranded Sailor after unlocking the Hookshot.

Hook to this island and pull the lever.

Thanks to Forgotten Lands for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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