Death’s Door: All Shinies Locations

Locations and screenshots of all Shiny Objects in Death’s Door.


Old Engagement Ring

Found in the Ceramic Mansion’s western wing, above the ballroom.

Old Compass

Found beneath the Lost Cemetery after obtaining Fireball. Burn the webs in the alcove next to the Door and travel through the bug-infested catacombs.


Found on the roof of Steadhone’s Mausoleum. Can be reached just after speaking to the Grey Crow.

Undying Blossom

Found in the Old Cemetery just Southeast of the Door, the entrance to the blue-roofed tower is hidden by the camera until approached.

Old Photograph

Found in the Ceramic Mansion’s Eastern wing by lighting a brazier with Fireball.

On the back of the Old Photograph is the answer to the Hidden Garden puzzle.

Sludge-Filled Urn

Found in the Urn Witch Estate after unlocking the Hookshot. Follow the string of sewer pipe / hookshot locations until you are brought all the way to the Northeast garden. Complete the arena fight and descend the staircase.

Token of Death

Found in the mountain between the Lost Cemetery and The Stranded Sailor after unlocking the Hookshot. Hook across the waterfall to find the Token.

Rusty Garden Trowel

Found in the Urn Witch Estate by solving the Hidden Garden Puzzle (look at the Old Photograph).

Captain’s Log

Found at the Stranded Sailor by entering the cave next to the staircase.

Giant Arrowhead

Found after defeating the Frog King.

Malformed Seed

Found in the Overgrown Ruins after unlocking the Hookshot.

Corrupted Antler

Found in the Mushroom Dungeon after unlocking Bombs. Blow up a blocked doorway and use a green key to reach the antler beneath the Dungeon’s entrance walkway.

Magical Forest Horn

A quest required item. Found in the Northwest part of the Overgrown Ruins, in the middle of the abandoned camp.

Ancient Crown

Found in Castle Lockstone by dropping into a sewer pipe in the North courtyard and by taking the forking path in the sewers.

Grunt’s Old Mask

Found at The Stranded Sailor after freeing Grunt from the Mushroom Dungeon.

Ancient Door Scale Model

Found in the Hall of Doors after unlocking Fireball. Head to the Southwest island and light two Braziers.

Modern Door Scale Model

Found in the Hall of Doors after unlocking the Hookshot. Head to the middle junction island and hook along a path of lampposts.

Rusty Belltower Key

Found in the Hall of Doors after finishing the game. Unlocks post-game content.

Surveillance Device

Found in the Hall of Doors after unlocking Bombs. Bomb the rocks seen at the middle-junction island to reach.

Shiny Medallion

Found by the Camp of the Free Crows by blowing open a keyhole-shaped door next to the elevator to the Old Watchtowers. (thanks Talamarie)

Ink-Covered Teddy Bear

Found at The Stranded Sailor after unlocking the Hookshot. Hook across the docks to the Southeast and defeat the Guardian Knight.

Death’s Contract

Found in Castle Lockstone after lighting the Eastern brazier and falling through the trap door, then take the passage obscured by broken doors in the room you fall into.

Makeshift Soul Key

Found in the Grove of Spirits after unlocking the Hookshot. In the Southeast corner there is an anchor/ankh to hook to.

Mysterious Locket

Found above Betty’s arena under moonlight.

Thanks to Forgotten Lands for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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