Deadlink: 100% Achievement Guide

A guide on how to get all the achievements in Deadlink.



Feel free to leave a comment if something can be improved or anything is not clear, i will address it.

Note the temporarily unclear explanation of the Exodus 10:1 achievement, still figuring out how to achieve this on target, since i got it just playing a lot. Will update the guide once i got the idea.

An honest man

Die to self-damage.

Easily done with launchers with AOE damage or grenades.

Run completion on each difficulty

Trivial information

Complete a full run on VR Orientation difficulty.Go no farther

Complete a full run on Deep Dive difficulty.Johnny Neurotic

Complete a full run on Neuromancy difficulty.

Run completion with each Combat Shell.


Complete a full run using the Soldier Combat Shell.Nimrud

Complete a full run using the Hunter Combat Shell.Vishnu

Complete a full run using the Engineer Combat Shell.Hercules

Complete a full run using the Juggernaut Combat Shell.


Complete a full run without spending a single Credit.

Do not buy anything from the shops or upgrades that require credits.

Little Boy

Reach Tora streets.

Tora streents is the first area with 9 arenas.

Fat Man

Defeat the Torantula.

Torantula is the first boss encounter.

Watt’s Up Doc?

Reach Watts-Rucker labs.

Watts-Rucker labs is the second area with 8 arenas.

Evolutionary Dead-End

Defeat the Phoenix Apex.

Phoenix Apex is the second boss encounter.

Wage Slavery

Reach Interport warehouses.

Interport warehouses is the third area with 6 arenas.


Defeat the Trinary Iskra.

Trinary Iskra is the third boss encounter.

Size doesn’t matter

Reach Femto offices.

Femto offices is the fourth area where you fight with CEO boss or with mini bosses if you want to weakness the main one before fight.

Actually, it does

Defeat the Femto CEO.

Femto CEO is the last boss encounter with 2 phases.

Close call

Complete a full run with 5 or less HP.
Down your HP to <=5 and keep the shields up while fighting with Femto CEO boss,
get the Defibrillator upgrade and when you are about to kill the boss, let it damage you until upgrade will be triggered, and then finish it. Quite risky since after Defibrillator is triggered you still have 1 HP, but you will not get dmg while slow mo, so you can gain back your shields or finish the boss in this time.

Demolition Man

Destroy 5 objects with a single grenade.

At the spawn point, throw grenade into the chair at your right.

Hisashi OSHA

Die to every type of elemental explosive barrel.

There are 3 types of explosive barrels, die to each one of them.


Unlock all Codex entries.

To achieve you need to defeat each enemy type, interact with all allies, equip each type of weapon and buy each mod for the grenades from the shops.

Fire in the hole!

Kill 3 enemies with a single grenade.

Bring enemies together and blow them with grenade.

Tutorial related


Complete the tutorial.College dropout

Skip the tutorial. You can start a new save in main menu that will ask you to go through tutorial, select No.Hard Lesson

Get killed in the tutorial twice. When you reach the room with bots that shoots, just stand still until they kill you twice (In tutorial you have multiple lives).

Call Of The Void

Throw the Combat Shell off a bridge.

Before encounter with Iskra you will pass over the bridge where you need to jump off.

Run completion within time

Half o-pressed

Complete a full run in under 20 minutes on VR Orientation difficulty.Backwards longjump

Complete a full run in under 30 minutes on Deep Dive difficulty.Games Done Quick

Complete a full run in under 40 minutes on Neuromancy difficulty.To achieve this one you need a good build, here is a showcase on Neuromancy difficulty using Juggernaut Combat Shell.

Better than sex

Insert a Legendary Implant into Implant Matrix.

Insert a legendary implant.

Implant max


Max out 1 Implant during a single run.Followed a guide

Max out 3 Implants during a single run.Max lvl of implast is 4, to unlock it you need to buy Peak Performance upgrade.
Maxing one implant should be easy, just don’t pick up more than one implant, even the ones that are not equipped might be selected to be upgraded, but most likely you wouldn’t get enough implant doors for maxing 3 of them, you need to complete challenges with Risk reward upgrade.

Also you can find this guy between arenas that will upgrade your implants for tokens.

Open Source

Find all the secret Implants.
After first meet with Chuck you will get an device that will spot secret implants between arenas, they are easy to find by the noise that is something similar with an alarm, and the glow around the place that you should destroy.

I read Plato

Beat the story campaign.

Complete 7 full runs.

Duck Hunt

Kill 500 enemies at point-blank range with the Scrapper Shotgun.

Scrapper Shotgun is primary weapon of Soldier Shell. Kill enemies at close range to achieve.


Kill 200 enemies from at least 20 meters with the Bonegrinder Rocket Launcher.

Bonegrinder Rocket Launcher is secondary weapon of Soldier Shell. Kill enemies from far.

Butlerian Jihad

Kill 50 robotic enemies with EM Charges.
EM Charge shot will spawn a capsule that will damage nearby enemy. In order to achieve this, capsule have to kill the robotic enemies. On the Deep dive difficulty drones will spawn from the very first arena, shoot under the drones so they do not get destroyed by the shot itself, and wait until the capsule will finish them.

Toxic attitude

Kill 300 enemies with Prox Mines.

Get the Prox Mine launcher and kill everything.

Flame War

Kill 50 enemies with Flame Assault grenades that bounced off surfaces.

Using Flame assault payload launcher shoot on ground or walls to make the grenade bounce into enemies.

Big Iron

Kill 500 enemies with headshots using the Peacekeeper.

Peacekeeper is primary weapon of Hunter Shell. Aim to the heads.

Blow your load

Break armor with Matter Converter salvo 200 times.

Break enemy armor with Matter Converter in one burst. On Deep Dive difficulty every enemy have armor.

Dissociative violence

Kill 200 enemies with unattached Tarball Launcher grenades.

Tarball Launcher is Engineer’s secondary weapon. Detonate the bombs in the air near the target to kill them with splash damage.

Exodus 10:1

Kill 50 enemies with toxic puddles left by the Locust Swarm.
I’ve completed this achievement playing a couple of runs using rare or legendary version of Locust Swarm that increase blob size. Still figuring out how this achievement works.

Longinus Podbipięta

Score 3 headshots with a single shot from the ARC Cannon.

Description says everything.

It’s just a freaking laser!

Keep firing the Electrolaser for at least 15 seconds.

While shooting with Electrolaser keep throwing grenades or using movement skills (by default on Q) to mark enemies to keep you with ammo on kills.


Kill 3 enemies with a single shot from the Particle Accelerator.

One shot – 3 kills, nothing fancy.

Imagine my shock

Zap 5 enemies with single link from Stormblight Cascadee activation.
On at least Deep Dive difficulty in Watts-Rucker labs area on the third arena, 2 Phoenix Motherships will spawn, when at least one of them will spawn the bombs under, link the ships with Stormblight and activate it. The bombs will count as enemies.

Shish kebab

Ignite 3 enemies with a single Fire Ant round.

In order to ignite using Fire Ant you will need the upgraded version of this weapon that ignites targets on projectile recall.

To unlock upgraded version of this weapon, Pyromania has to be upgraded from ‘Damage vs Marked‘ Deadlink upgrades.
Implant that ignite next target on hit doesn’t work for this achievement.

Eyes Wide Shut

Find the Sex Club.
Club can be found only on Tora territory between the arenas, you will hear music while moving from one arena to another, or just look around for entry like this. You have to punch the door.


Destroy all head sculptures.

Arena with sculptures can be found in one of the mini boss encounters before CEO boss fight. Destroy every sculpture on each pillar.

You are locked in here with me

Eliminate every enemy during survival event, before time runs out.

In a random arena you will get a warning message about survival encounter. Kill all enemies before counter at the left reach 0.


Beat a single combat arena without firing a single shot.

Clear one arena only punching everything to death, fastest way to do is on VR Orientation difficulty on the first arena.

Mike Conley

Kill the Phoenix Apex with a melee attack.

Damage boss until he is on low HP and finish him off with a melee attack.


Kill a heavy enemy with fall damage.

Low down HP of heavy enemy, using Hunter Shell jump from some height and swap place with it using his movement skill (by default on Q).

It werfers flammens

Kill the Torantula with fire damage.
Pick a weapon modifier that makes your primary weapon deal fire damage and kill Torantula, also you can finish it with a incendiary grenade or secondary weapon with fire damage.

Air superiority

Kill 6 enemies in a row without touching the ground.

Kite enemies while at least 6 of them will be close together, using Juggernaut Shell charge Graviton Punch into the sky, shoot the group with some grenade launcher.


Stay airborne for 15 seconds.
Using Juggernaut Shell charge Graviton Punch into the sky, use shotgun recoil, dashes and double jump to keep you in the air while Gravito Punch is on cooldown, repeat. Achievement will pop up upon lading.

Defeat bosses without using any implant


Kill the Torantula without using any implant.Apex twin

Kill the Phoenix Apex without using any implant.Amish paradise

Destroy the Trinary Iskra without using any implant.Before boss encounter, unequip all implants. Shell and weapon upgrades can be used, so you can focus mainly of them on the run.

Deadlink upgrades

Man of integrity

Buy all ‘Shell Integrity’ Deadlink upgrades.What a riot

Buy all ‘Shield Boost’ Deadlink upgrades.Gruby Damage

Buy all ‘Damage vs Marked’ Deadlink upgrades.Capitalism, hoe!

Buy all ‘Deep Pockets’ Deadlink upgrades.

Buy every Deadlink upgrade of each type.

Buy all Combat Shells upgrades

Military Industrial Complex

Buy all Soldier shell upgrades.The Black Rider

Buy all Hunter shell upgrades.Erecting a sentry

Buy all Engineer shell upgrades.I’m the Juggernaut, b*tch!

Buy all Juggernaut shell upgrades.

Buy all upgrades for each Combat Shell.


Kill an enemy that is ignited, corroded, and recently got shocked.

It can be done in multiple ways, depends on the implants that you are getting while playing.
For example:

  • Corrosion on marked enemies;
  • Shock on next hit;
  • Ignite with grenade;

I cast FIST!

One shot an enemy with a melee attack.

Enemy should be at full HP. Using Soldier Shell, look for Shell upgrade that boost melee damage while hook is deployed. Hook to enemy and punch him in the face.

Thanks to DrexleR for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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