Deadlink: Secret Achievement Guide (V1.0)

Here is a guide on how to get all hidden achievements in new 1.0 patch.



1. You are locked in here with me

The name and icon are a reference to Rorschach’s line from the Watchmen movie

This one is pretty straight forward, but its probably the hardest one to unlock since it requires you to reach a survival room, which spawn at random once entering any non-boss/challenge room, once you do you’ll need to kill all enemies you find before the timer reaches zero. 


Generally you want to be playing on VR Orientation(on higher difficulties too many enemies spawn for you to take them all down even if you’re one-shotting everything) and using the soldier combat shell with the cord nano-constructor upgrade, which let’s you reset your grapple cooldown if you can kill your targets fast enough, take as many damage buffs as you can and you’ll be able to kill enemies as soon as they spawn with minimal effort and maximum carnage.

2. Call Of The Void

In order to get this achievement you’ll have to reach the boss for the third biome in the game, Interport’s Trinary AI Foreman with a god complex “Iskra”
“Foolish to challenge The Rock”

Before you fight Iskra you’ll come across a walkway that looks like this:
This place seems pretty dangerous someone could easily fall past those railings, well if you want to get the achievement that someone is going to have to be you.
Reminder: Interport does not take responsibility for the words and/or actions of employees, or any injuries sustained on company property

In all seriousness all you have to do in order to get the achievement is walk off into the bottomless pit, or jump over the railings if you’re feeling particularly acrobatic.

3. Eyes Wide Shut

Its time for the achievement you’ve all been waiting for, how to get into Deadlink’s highly coveted “Sex Club”.

The name of this achievement is a reference to Stanley Kubrick’s 1999 movie adaptation of Rhapsody: A Dream Novel/Traumnovelle by Arthur Schnitzler, the plot involving, you guessed it, sex and a lot of it.

In order to get this achievement you’ll have to be in Tora territory, which shouldn’t be too difficult considering its the first area in the game.

You’ll find the Sex Club in the areas between encounters you’ll know you’re there if there’s a large building taking up a good portion of the hallway and a building with a porch across from it, you can enter this hallway from any direction so here are some examples of what you should be looking out for:

Right Side_________________________Left side

Once you’re here head to the building in the directions stated above, there you’ll see a sign for the Sex Club and a door beneath you can open it by hitting it, punching it, kicking it, pushing it, pulling, burning their crops, ask it out for dinner, bop it, anything works! Be warned though you can only open the door if the lights on the sign are on, since two sex clubs usually spawn in a run and only one will be open, so if yours doesn’t open don’t worry that just means you’ll find one later… or already missed it.

“No Lights!No Music!” just anger

“Good Lord what is happening in there”

Once you’re inside you’ll be in a hallway with 2 Femto Rikishi guarding the entrance to the sex club

Don’t worry they don’t bite, just stare (also everyone in the Sex Club is Immortal)

On your way in you’ll see a screen on your left playing footage of what looks to be a music video featuring Maria and the mini-boss Sekitori

If the CSA asks, it’s a deepfake

Psy is that you

Once you break in you’ll also find a hidden implant inside of the door that you used to get in, remember to speak to Chuck if you want get it though. Also this one should help you complete the Open Source achievement as a bonus

And that’s all for the “Sex Club”, well there are some Geisha “dancing” in there but they teleported away before I could take a screenshot, oh well guess you’ll have to go see for yourself.

Bonus: Headhunter

This achievement is a bit vague on what it what it wants you to do so I’m going to tell you instead

In order to get this achievement you’ll have to reach the Femto offices (Fun fact: Femto means one quadrillionth, which is why most of the characters make remarks about it being a “small” company, it also happens to be (Berserk spoilers I guess)Griffiths God Hand name in Berserk)

Once you’re in the Femto Offices you’ll encounter plenty of mini-bosses, one these rooms is a hallway with 8-pillars and some familiar faces, it should look like this:

You can break them by shooting them, and if that doesn’t work try using some explosives, once you’ve busted all the busts you’ll get the achievement. Fortunately you don’t have to use the Hunter Shell.

“Sought and Destroyed”

That’s it folks, those are all the Hidden Achievements for Deadlink as of the 1.0 update.

Thanks to OhmyPariah for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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