Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical – Maestro Achievement Guide

This is the list of 44 songs that one needs to play in the game to obtain the Maestro achievement.


Before you Start / Recommendations

  • This guide has been considerably, but not fully tested, so if you have any trouble following it please let everyone know in the comments, and I will update it accordingly.
  • The guide contains spoilers for the game, so I recommend continuing reading only if you played the game at least once and now looking for the songs left to unlock.
  • One of the songs requires choosing the green (Charisma) trait in the beginning of the game. This is the only time any particular trait is required, all the other 43 songs can be uncovered with any character trait chosen.
  • I think the simplest way that doesn’t require starting over too much is to do a no-romance playthrough first. In this playthrough:
    • Choose Charisma trait at the start of the playthrough.
    • At the end of Old Wounds / Act I, choose Persephone and flirt with her once right after the song.
    • In Act II, leave the party until the last moment, doing the Reliquary and Medusa parts first. While doing that, hit all the romantic options with Pan, but do not dance with him.
    • In Hades, do not bring Freddie back.

    After this is done,

    • Go back to It’s Time and do the Freddie route from there. After that,
    • Go to the scene with Persephone after the party, hit one more romantic choice, and do the Persephone route from there. After that,
    • Go to the scene with Pan at Olympus after the Reliquary part and dance with him, activating the Pan route.
    • For the Apollo route, you need to choose him in the Old Wounds song, but it is sufficient to flirt with him at the party only, so nothing from Act I except this one song and conversation after that needs to be replayed.

    Obviously, this is not the only way to do this, and I didn’t check if there’s a more optimal way to go about the order of the routes, but I think this order is not too bad and somewhat time-saving.

  • In case you didn’t know, the N key (or X button on a controller) lets skip lines outside of the songs, so use this wisely.

Act I

In Act I, a total of thirteen songs can be unlocked:

  1. Adrift. The first song counts for the achievement once, even if different traits are chosen.
  2. Chorus is in Accord. No input from player is required.
  3. Old Wounds. The final song of Act I where the choice between Apollo and Persephone is made. Any choices within the song are fine, it only counts one for the achievement

The following numbers each have three variations to them (‘Green’, ‘Red’, and ‘Blue’). For the achievement, each variation needs to be played.

  • I Can Teach You. The second choice determines the variation. Choose anything you like for the rest of the number.
  • Phantom Pains. Variation is determined by the first choice.
  • Challenging a Queen. The first choice determines the variation. By having the Charisma trait, a green choice mentioning Calliope unlocks at a certain point of the song. If selected, Grace gets the option to throw the challenge and let Persephone win, which leads to an extra fourth variation of the song.

Act II

Twelve songs (not including the ones specific to romantic routes) are unlocked in this act:

  • Cast a Spell. Three variations determined by the first prompt. Here you can get another relatively rare achievement: Arrow of Eros Undone, obtained by choosing the blue option at the very end of the song.
  • Look into Me Three variations determined by the first prompt. Here you can get another relatively rare achievement: Snake Charmer, obtained if you have the Intelligence trait from the beginning of the game and choose the blue option at the very end of the song.
  • The Ritual. The number counts toward the Maestro achievement six times. A variation of the song is defined by the third choice. For each variation, the final choice determines whether the ritual happens (green) or not (red), with each outcome contributing towards Maestro separately. This is the only song (except for one variation of Challenging a Queen) where the ending of the song is also important for the achievement as well as a choice made in the beginning of the song which determines a variation.


The six songs can be obtained with any romantic interest chosen (including choosing no one):

  • The Throne, with three variations defined from the first choice.
  • It’s Time. No matter what choices are made, the song counts once for the achievement.
  • Adrift (reprise). There are two different versions of this number depending on whether Grace brought Freddie back from the dead: In one, she uses the power and sings with all the past Muses. In the other, Grace sings solo, since she does not have the power at this point anymore.

Four more songs come from The Trial: unlike other songs, the variations of The Trial are based not on the colors of a particular prompt, but on who of the four potential romantic options stands beside Grace first. If you entered and have not broken off a romantic relationship at this point, your chosen romantic interest will stand by you. Otherwise, it will be either Apollo or Persephone, depending on who you chose at the end of Act I to help you out during Act II.

Epilogue & Romantic routes songs

These nine songs are specific to the chosen romantic route. One song will be played in the epilogue, and the other takes place somewhere in Act II or III. All romantic routes need to be played for the achievement.

  • Everything Has Changed. Is played if Grace is not in a romantic relationship by the time the epilogue starts. It does not matter if Freddie is in the song for this achievement.
  • If Only + reprise. The two songs in the Freddie route. The first song is played when confronting Freddie before the trial.
  • Here for the Ride + reprise. The two songs in the Apollo route. The first song takes place after the ritual (Aphrodite’s party) if Apollo was chosen at the end of Act I.
  • Let’s Have This Dance + reprise. The two songs in the Pan route. The first song happens after visiting the Reliquary for the first time.
  • You and I + reprise. The two songs in the Persephone route. The first one comes after the ritual (Aphrodite’s party) and conversation with Apollo if Persephone was chosen at the end of Act I.


Thank you to everyone contributing to discussions of this achievement on the forum, and to Sojichai in particular for pointing out the fourth variation of Challenge a Queen.

This guide has been considerably, but not fully tested, so if you have any trouble following it please let everyone know in the comments, and I will update it accordingly.

Thanks to tonyastark14121 for her great guide, all credit to her effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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  1. Hi, I am tonyastark14121 who uploaded this guide on Steam. Thanks for crediting me, although could you please change the pronouns to ‘her’ instead of ‘him’?

    Also for anyone reading this here, as mentioned, this guide still needs some tests, so if you are trying to follow it and failing or noticing something relevant, please share it in steam discussions and comments to the steam guide, then I can improve it with your help for all the other players!

    • Hello again! I came here with a small update: the version of the guide above has been checked and debunked. It should still get you to 40/44 at least or maybe more (and even 44/44) if you are lucky, but to guarantee the success please follow the most recent version of the guide which you can find on Steam following the link at the end of this post. Good luck!

  2. In Challenging the Queen, you need to select the Red option for [Go For The Kill] to get the option to let Persephone to win. It happens because she mentions you don’t deserve to call yourself a Muse.

    • Hello Gideon! We did some investigating on this at the forum and found out that indeed you do not have to choose the Calliope line, there are other ways to arrive to the ‘throwing the challenge’ finale of the song. As long as you have the Charisma trait, this option will always show up as the final ‘green’ choice, so your way of getting there works just as well. Unfortunately, unlocking this ending of a song does not influence the Maestro achievement after all, only the first choice of the song which determines the three variations is what matters (from what I can tell anyway). So this guide is back to 43 out of 44 songs I am afraid. Please let us know if there is anything else you find!


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