Dead Cells: Fatal Falls DLC Achievements Guide

A guide listing the new 12 achievements and how to get them


Whoo 12 new achievements!!!!!, The new DLC is upon us! I broke up the achievement list in to 3 categories, Boss related ones, exploring ones, and misc ones, which are enemy /item related.


I will updated the guide once the official dead cells biome map has been updated, but in order to access the first area of the new DLC, You will need to beat ” the tick” or the “concierge” and the entrance to Fractured Shrines will be at the end of that boss level.

Undying Shore can be reached from Fractured Shrines once you get the “Dead Cultist” outfit. All you need to do is find the body of one and take it over with your RB ability.
Once you have the new costume, head to the exit and the statues will let you through.

Mausoleum can be reached from Undying Shore

Boss Achievements

Thankfully there are only 3, Id recommend backing up your save file right before the boss fight. If you are attempting the “Green Thumbs” achievement. If you get hit, just exit, and load your old save file, make another back up and repeat until you have the boss memorized.

Along the Way

Ill be updating these achievements with screenshots as to where and how to do them, but they seem straight forward other than the “Me Jealous?”. If anyone has any ideas, please post below! Thanks for reading! Have an amazing day!

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