Encodya Walkthrough With Achievement Guide

The guide already include a FULL and complete step by step walkthrough, but without finding all secrets it is not a 100% achievement guide yet, hopefully it will reach that point during a day or during this week. I am busy in IRL so this depends on community activity or my luck to find missing secrets, developer not giving any hint and they are not really easy to be found.



piCk up empty jar and ruSty wrench
mOve to rooftop
pick up pipe (optional item)
move to street level
talk to eku with tiNa
use Trash to getZ rotten food and broken floppy(optional item)
pick up antenna from the groUnd
combine rottenZ fOod and jar in inventory to get stinky jar
move to rooftop
use stinky jar on hole
you will get a cockroach to your stinky jar
use hole with Tina to get bus ticket
Get a Fly Bus Ticket

Chapter 1 – Daily Survival

-seleCt map and go to hiStOrical quarter zoNe
-talk with Tina to the electrician-blixy
-enter diner building at the right side of the Zone
-pick up kUrnia’s tape from the table
-use map travel to crossroads ZOne
-pick up stick which is on the ground front of the table which is at the japanese store
-pull vending machine with SAM to get vintage me
-use vintage me in inventory
-dont forget to use vintage me again to restore the game to modern graphic:-)
-enter japanese restaurant/rahmen shop
-talk to NPC with Tina until you will get Bavarian Marinated Fish
-pick up chopsticks(optional item) from the table
-leave store and enter electronic shop
-talk with SAM to store owner
-use floppy disks which is on the left side of the desk to get one 5 1/4 floppy disk
-use old RAM banks, which is on the shelves to get one 16MB RAM
-leave store go to bright alley
-pick up capacitator which is laying on the floor
-go back to previous area and now go to bus stop, entrance is at the bottom of the screen
-use trash bin to get old Cybercola(optinal item)
-talk to Nasty Robot with SAM about robot oil, he will tell he need RAM, you might need talk with
him multiple time and again for giving him the RAM. It is not the proper one so you need to get a
RAM adapter too
-go left to the long road
-interact with elevator panel
-talk to Kid(otomo) with Tina, ask about where to get Token, you will get a holographic Prism
-go left to old gate (or travel to historical quarter through the map)
-combine antenna with stick in inventory to get long stick
-use long stick on Blixy-electrician with Tina to get electrician keys
-use holographic prism on old gate (Brandenburg Gate)
-use map, travel to shelter
-use electrician keys on panel box
-interact with open panel box to get fuse
-talk to Eku with Tina and ask about the ram adapter
-use capacitator on Eku to get RAM adapter
-use map get to crossroads
-use holographic prism on the sign above the japanese restaurant
-use map, travel to historical quarter
-use fuse on fuse box next to the abandoned store entrance at the left side of the area
-enter abandoned store
-pick up pliers and a pair of socks from the ground
-leave to old gate
-enter dinner alley at the right side of the area
-use pliers on wire
-use bavarian marinated fish on robotic cat
-interact with leftovers to get cyber lasagna
-go back to old gate and then to long road
-speak with the kid(Otomo) about the riddle to get elevator token
-use elevator token on elevator panel
-once elevator reached top level head to right to the terrace
-pick up waterproof flag
-go back to long road and the to right, to the Bus Stop
-give RAM adapter to Nasty robot
-use map, travel back to Shelter and then go up to rooftop
-pick up copper wire and dirty doll from the ground
-use copper wire on long stick to get long copper stick
-use long copper stick on power box to get long electrified stick
-go to rooftop
-use long electrified stick on watching drone
-talk to watching drone and ask show what happened here
-Talk with sam, to progress to story you need to select following dialoge options: 3-3-3
Complete Part 1

go to rooftop

Chapter 2 – Investigating The Cyber Slum

use map travel to Downtown
talk to Redhead Twins on the left side of the area
go to bureacracy street
pick up phone book from the ground
go to registry office
talk to roboceptionist
use missing person database chose decade 2050-2059, keep looking for missing person by selecting the next, after some dozens it will trigger a talk with SAM
use map go to crossroad
talk with traffic bot about police permission
enter electric shop
talk to shop owner with SAM, ask about recovering deleted datas, you will get a recovery pill
ask shop owner about phone book, and to sign police permission
use recovery pill in inventory
leave store and go to dark alley
pick up old mug and canned food from the ground
use 5 1/4 floppy disk on slot for SECRET X/10
go back to crossroads and enter ramen shop
talk to moustaches guy with Tina, exhaust conversation options and ask about signing police permission
use old mug on greasy substance
Inspect greasy substance in inventory with SAM-53 SECTER X/10
use map and go to historical quarter
enter dinner
talk to Matsy with Tina, ask about signing police permission, she will do it if you help her escape the stage “tube”
go to downtown
talk to Redhead Twins and talk about Matsy, offer them that you will owe you one if they will help
go to bureacracy street and then to registry office
use missing person database, search by name Ren Herzog, print out a ticket
use map, go to downtown
enter business street
talk to readhead twins, then use greasy substance on them
use map go to historical quarter
go to old road from there, and talk to the now escaped Matsy with Tina
use map, go to crossroad
talk to traffic bot about the police permission
go to downtown then to registry office again
talk to roboceptionist
go to right to the archive and use the archive terminal
print the file of Ren Herzog
use map go to newly unlocked area: Residential Area
talk to android with SAM exhaust conversation options
enter flats
go to floor 4 and then to door 4-5, pick up old music player there
use map, go to historical quarter
enter dinner
use old music player on mixer with SAM
switch to Tina and grab the bracelet from the desk when Gia turning away
use map go to Residental area
use bracelet on android
use map go to historical quarter
enter dinner
pick up online transmitter left behind by Gia
use map, go to residental area
enter flats
go to door level 2 door 05, use intercom with Tina, correct dialogues to get in: 2-2
talk to Hilde inside, talk about you live here previously to get signal disturber
combine signal disturber with online transmitter in inventory
use map go to Downtown
enter business streat
enter corp lobby
use online disturber on corp guard
use elevator and get inside of the corporation office
use corp computer, look for past employee records and look for 2054 and R then Ren Herzog, then quit
use map go residental area
go back to Hilde, Level02Room5, and talk about “dads friend”
go to newly unlocked location: Slum
talk to Old Man with Tina, ask about Smirks bar to get Emosphere and ask about how to bypass bioscanner
use emosphere on clerk
talk to clerk and ask what bothering her
enter asian alley
enter abandoned hotel
go to 2nd floor and loot up empty spray can at door 203
leave abandoned hotel, go right and use empty spray can on red spray can next to the artist
check your phone book in inventory, you need the phone number of Murnau, Emanuel Albert
then use phone at this location and dial 144852976+Phonesymbol
dial 791-904-015 for another SECRET X/10. How to get this phone number?  At crossroads, go to the Bright Alley. There is a medium, an old lady. She will give you an adveritsement paper if Tina talking to her and asking about future. This phone number is on that paper

go back to slum/black market
go right so you can go to club alley
talk to bouncer – ? probably not required
enter narrow way next to the club
pick up rocket soda voucher
go back to slum/black market and talk to Valentina/clerk, tell that you spoke with her boyfriend
use map, go to crossroad, enter ramen shop
talk with big moustache guy/Rosco Spencer
use emosphere on the Chef, then talk to him with Tina
leave building, talk to Cyber Junkie next to Bright Alley entrance
go to dark alley
use rocket soda voucher on soda dispenser
use red spray on major poster
go to shelter
use red spray on major poster
go to residental area
use red spray on major poster
go to slum use spray on major poster
go club alley then to narrow way next to club and use red spray on major poster
use map go to crossroads
give rocket soda to cyber junkie to get photo
enter ramen shop
talk to moustache guy/Rosco Spencer about the posters to get biometric cheater
give photo to Chef
use map, go to slum then to rigth to the club alley, then to narrow way, then to right to smirks
enter smirks bar
talk to barkeeper-optional?
talk to guy in red cap and coat (robust man), tell that you need to speak with him as he knows something about your dad, then ask about code in SAM-53, you will get josephs pendant
use map go to slum
talk to old guy about josephs pendant to get hotel room code
go to asian alley then to abandoned hotel, go to floor level 3
use keypad at next of the third door
enter room
talk to Chip to get 2 new items
use map, go to crossroad
enter electronic shop
talk to shop owner with SAM-53 option 1-3
go to slum, then to club alley, then to smirk bar
talk to cool guy about car battery
talk to barkeeper about battery problem to get hacked remote and about getting tonic
talk to cool guy again about his drink and about “A SAM is his programming” to get ginneon tonic
use map to go to downtown
use hacked remote on parking car
use car to get car battery
enter business street then corp lobby then elevator, then corp office
use chips floppy on computer past archive 2054
open Cyber Octopuses Development
open alternate hyperspace, then click download file
use map go to crossroad, enter electronic shop
give gingeon tonic to shop owner with SAM-53 to get model sam transistor
use map go to slum then head to abandoned hotel / return to chip
talk to chip about the required items to hack SAM-53
go to right area

CHAPTER 3 – Journey to Encodya
piCk up flat StONe
go To right forest path then go to top forest path, are will be referenced as lift area in the ZgUide from now
interact with ZbrOken lift (with sam to get a todo list)
return to first area then go left, it is a rocky area with a crate
interact, then pull crate with SAM-53, then pick content to get 2 items
go to left forest path
go to top forest path, area will be referenced as robot area in the guide from now
talk to the robot with SAM-53, ask about fixing lift, piston and ask to get his own piston
go back one area, then go to left
use hydarulic press with Tine
use fall stone on machine with SAM-53 to get sharp stone
go 4 times to right, use ladle on plant to get super sticky resin
go to right
use sharp stone on vine
pull junction pipe 3 times with SAM-53
use super sticky resin on partially clogged pipe
go back to robot area and talk to robot with SAM-53
pick up robot with SAM-53
go back one area
use lever which is on the tree
use super sticky resin on the weird bot
use lever again to get it
go to right 3 areas
use biped bot on transport pipe to get small piston
go to lift area
interact with lift to fix it (with SAM-53)
go up with the lift
pick up dry weed
interact with panorama
from this point you can use map here too
use map travel to cubic stone
pick up crowbar
try to use console
use map travel to cave
pull vending machine with SAM-53
pick up shiny token
pull branch with SAM-53
pick up slingshot
use map, travel to cubic stone
use shiny token on console
talk to cubic stone with Tina
use map, travel to clearing access
pick up wire with SAM-53
talk to Mutadroid with SAM-53, you will learn a password required here
use map, travel to futuristic building
pick up wooden stick from the ground
combine stick and wire in inventory
use map, go to pond
pick up bunch of pebbles and and round flint stone
use map, travel to cave
enter cave
pick up square flint stone
try to use the mechanism once
pick up rusty key
use map travel to arrival point then head to far left to the hydraulic press area
use crowbar on hatch
interact with hatch to get a full baseball set
go to right one area
use slingshot on weird bot (with Tina)
pick up fallen copper horn to get mouthpiece
go to nothern forest path to robot/chest area
use rusty key on chest
combine “stick and wire” with hook to get fishing rod
combine baseball bat with shovel head to get shovel
travel to futuristic building
combine round and square flint stone in inventory
use dry weed on fireplace
use fire stones on fireplace with dry weed
pick up the fallen fire cog
use map travel to arrivel point then to lift area and move up to the outlook
use mouthpiece on horn with Tina, then use horn
pick up fallen air cog
use map, travel to pond
use fishing rod on pond to get water cog
use map, travel to cave
enter cave then use shovel on the “x on the ground”
use all cogs on the mechanism
use mechanism
use map, travel to cubic stone
talk to cubic stone with Tina 2-2
use map, travel to clearing access
talk to Mutadroid with SAM-53 to tell the password
enter the clearing

CHAPTER 4 – Into Steel Guts
use console, input code 2053, this is the birthday of Tina, you will learn the required pass from a not found at the ship, this next puzzle part might be randomized, you will get a message something like:
go to the oil tanker
go right side to the control box
push the color of the second line, in this case red and turn numbers to on, in this care second and third button
go back to anchor and use lever
go back to control box
now change control box based one the line “sky could be” what you seen on console, so in this version it should be blue and first and third button should be turned on
use lever at anchor again, now you should be on the ship
talk to strawbot on the ship and answer some questions, if you fail one you need to start from the beginning. The correct answers: – 2(My Teddy)-2(Sams Lullaby)-1(moms strudel)-5(SAM)-4(Old Skate Ring)
go to stern
go to cabin after some cinematics
keep going right until you see a painting on the wall, interact with it
go right one more time and use the ladder
go left 3 times then enter cabin
use lower right drawer then interact with it to get white key
pick up old card, which is between the desk and the closer SECRET X/10
leave inferior of the ship to the cabin entrance(stern)
use white key on first aid cabinet then interact with it to get defibrillator
enter cabin and go far right until ladder and go down twice
use defibrillator on power aspirator 2000
go left once, then enter cabin
use crowbar on corrugated pipe
leave cabin, go left once and enter tank
talk to Vastness with SAM-53
IMPRTANT: the sound of echo describe the keypad code for the lab, you will hear 3 different long echos, each louder part in it represent one number
leave room
go right twice and use corrugated pipe on power aspirator 2000
use power aspirator
use ladder to go down once
enter room
pick up helm
leave room
use ladder and move up to highest floor (3 times)
move to left once, then use stairs to bridge
use helm on helm hub, then use helm
go back to ladder and descend one floor
move left once and enter storage
interact with plastic box twice to get a battery
return to ladder, descend twice
go far left and use battery on keypad
use keypad, insert code based on the echo you heard at the tank, when you got the scream into void achievement, it was 231 for me, but it is randomized
enter lab for some cinematics
use emergency button

Chapter 5 – Calm and Storm
go to path (at the bottom of the screen)
with SAM-53 pick up raspberries and big rock
go to right once then to the northern path
pick up small rock and raspberries
interact with flickering reality
go to south/back then to the right once, pick up board and raspberries
go back/left
pick up raspberries, now you should have “enough raspberries” in inventory
use board on pointy rock, then use small rock on it then big brown rock
pick up bucket
go north
talk to cubic terminal with Tina and make him to fix glitch
interact with box to pick up rope
interact with working pants to get a coin
go to the bridge
combine rope and bucket
use “bucket with a rope” on river/stream
go to left twice
use old coin on bread dispenser
go to left
talk with your dad about the picnic
go right twice, pick up the big rock, which was used with board to get bucket
go right twice, pick up big rock and aerial
go to north
pick up minibot and big rock
return to bridge, use rusty minibot on porous stone
return to cubic terminal, where the glitch was
use sharpened minibot on cabinet, then use it to get 3 items
return to big dead robot/waterfall
use screwdriver on big dead robot then interact with it to get big magnet
move left once
use big magnet on generator
use fast release spray on heavy valve
pull heavy valve
go to north
use pump and pipes to get big elastic band
go left 4 times to the bread dispenser
pick up the large cog
go left once and talk to your dad
use terminal and release encodya
talk with Major dialogue choice for story progression:
use plunge on drain
talk with major again (auto) dialogue choice for story progression: 2-2
use baseball on open pipe
talk with major again (auto) dialogue choice for story progression: 2-1
use fast release spray on fan
talk with major again (auto) dialogue choice for story progression: 4-3
use screwdriver on power box
talk with major again (auto) dialogue choice for story progression: 3-1
use terminal
leave room and keep heading left, you will jump from area to area, no map available, get to your rooftop
use shelter

Possible achievement unlocks at this point:
Finish the game

Finish the game with less than 5 hints

Finish the game without hints

Finish the game in less than 3.5 hours

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    talk to cubic stone with Tina
    use map, travel to clearing access
    pick up wire with SAM-53

    but travel where? were is the wire. i can’t find it.

    talk to cubic stone with Tina
    use map, travel to clearing access
    pick up wire with SAM-53

    but travel where? where is the wire? i can’t find it.


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