Contraband Police: How to Complete All Dirty Cop Achievements Quickly

Annoyed by an unlucky RNG when collecting a bribe? With the help of this guide, your progress will increase significantly.   How to Complete All Dirty Cop Achievements Quickly Step 1 First you need to complete a story mission with following and confront Gavrilov, somewhere in around 10-15 minutes of gameplay. There is no matter … Read more

Contraband Police: All Achievements Guide (59/59)

Detailed information for all 59 base achievements.   Campaign Ready to Work Complete the 5-day Border Guard Training. Finish the first five tutorial days. Long Live The Party Complete the game on the side of the government. This should be completed along with Steadfast by selecting the government option in all of the campaign choices at the … Read more

Contraband Police: How to Cheese Wave Ambushes

This is an intriguing, interesting method I have found which involves the outhouse on the side where the enemies attack from. It’s rather simple, and arguably hilarious how badly the AI tends to be.   First Step: Preparation Before you enter this impenetrable fortress, there’s a couple things you should probably know about how this … Read more

Contraband Police: All KGP Files and Oberankov Cash Locations

In this guide, I will tell where u can find all KGP files and Oberankov Cash (hidden treasures) in the Contraband Police game.   KGP Files For each file collected, u will receive 100$ of game currency. In total, only 14 files can be found in the game. Some files will become available in the … Read more

Contraband Police: Hidden Treasure Locations

Hello, here are the hidden treasure locations on the map! So far i found 7/8 spots and i fill in the last one when i do find it. Each treasure gives 300$ and dont forget to bring a shovel. 😉   Here are how the locations look One shows when its burried and the other … Read more