Contraband Police: How to Cheese Wave Ambushes

This is an intriguing, interesting method I have found which involves the outhouse on the side where the enemies attack from. It’s rather simple, and arguably hilarious how badly the AI tends to be.


First Step: Preparation

Before you enter this impenetrable fortress, there’s a couple things you should probably know about how this works. Essentially, you are barricading yourself in the enemy frontlines, and since you are closest to the enemy, they are programmed to throw grenades at you and only you. As long as there are no distant enemies in front of you, grenades will not kill you. Additionally, any enemies in front of you will be shot at by your patrolmen, oftentimes preventing them entirely from gaining the opportunity to throw anything. Since most of the enemies are focused on you, you do not have to worry much about your allies being shot, except for ones that ignore you; however, those that ignore you are exposed entirely to you if the outhouse door is open, and they will have no cover from you; if you are worried your allies will fall during an ambush anyways, opening the door to take care of any enemies that go for your allies will suffice.

The first thing you need to do before entering this outhouse is to take care of the gas canister outside. For whatever reason, these explosives can damage through walls, or at least in this instance. Destroying it beforehand ensures you won’t be blown up.

Step Two: Execution

As you may have noticed, there is a heart-shaped hole that is conveniently at eye-level in the outhouse door. When closed, it not only provides you cover and still opportunity to headshot any enemies, but it causes enemies to cluster around the door, giving your firing squad a huge target. Don’t let them take care of all of them, though, because eventually there could be too much. The sniper ally helps a lot for this, but this method still works with default upgrades. Just center your crosshair on the heart and shoot whenever an enemy walks in front of it.

Oftentimes, enemies may open the door, but for whatever reason, half the time they don’t even shoot at you anyways. Closing the door can be difficult sometimes with the mound of corpses that gathers right in front of it, but staying inside is still the best option for this scenario; just wait for the bodies to despawn and close it again.¬†

While this image demonstrates the advantage you have, it isn’t taken from the outhouse at the border. Note that enemies will be far closer to you when you shoot them from here.

Thanks to Greenmovie13 for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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