Contraband Police: How to Complete All Dirty Cop Achievements Quickly

Annoyed by an unlucky RNG when collecting a bribe? With the help of this guide, your progress will increase significantly.


How to Complete All Dirty Cop Achievements Quickly

Step 1

First you need to complete a story mission with following and confront Gavrilov, somewhere in around 10-15 minutes of gameplay. There is no matter what choice you make here. Finish the quest, and get some sleep after that.

Step 2

Open the gate, and collect the documents from the first traveler.

He will always have at least one error in he’s papers, so quickly mark everything in your inspection report (or nothing if you lazy), and simply deny him.

Step 3

The second traveler will possess contraband in his vehicle, and every time you find it, he will offer you a bribe every time.

When he stops, don’t accept documents from him, to skip the stamping animation at the end.

From my own experience, I have noticed that he usually hides the contraband under the hood, in the engine, so take a look there and pick it up.

After a while, the driver should offer you a bribe from the driver’s seat. Accept it, wait until he drives away, and until Yuri Petrov (the voice from the speakers) stops talking[b/], and the pop-up window in the upper left corner disappears.

Step 4

Restart the day, and repeat everything from step two.

Thanks to SweetSandwich for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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