Conan Exiles: How to Craft Weapons out of Eldarium

This guide will show the steps to crafting eldarium weapons


Getting the Recipe
Around the center tower there is ley shrines, you may have come across one. In all of them there is a tablet on the second floor. If you interact with it you will receive the recipe for a delving bench.
Craft the delving bench and place it down. When you interact with it and look to the left of your screen, there is a formula. The formula is slightly misleading because it does not directly craft eldarium weapons. But this is what you will follow for the most part.

Eldarium Crafting
In your delving bench place eldarium bars. To get the bars, all you need is a bit of decaying eldarium and forge it the same way you do iron bars. I believe each delving bench craft takes 20 eldarium bars each, so bring a lot. Next you need to place a weapon of your choice into the bench. It will destroy the weapon no matter what you do, so choose wisely. Putting both of these will destroy the weapon and have a chance of giving a legendary recipe. That chance is heightened depending on the rank of the weapon. I found that star metal weapons have about a 50% chance of giving a recipe. The recipe given is determined by the weapon type. If you want a spear recipe, place a spear in and so on. The eldarium weapon is the recipe, so you’ll need at least one for the achievement and journey step.
Once a recipe drops, use it. The recipe needs eldarium bars also, so bring some to the blacksmiths bench. Craft the weapon and you now have an eldarium weapon. They have really nice stats and visuals. Here is a greatsword I got called Corroding Blade, with base damage 70 and poison damage.

Have fun with your new weapons and thanks for reading!

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