Boring Man – Online Tactical Stickman Combat: Exp Farming in Survival Mode(Most Efficient Way)

This guide details possibly the most efficient way to exp farm in boring man v2. Fair warning, this requires quite a bit of time to become optimal, and ideally you want to have your computer on the whole time and have the game running for as long as you’d like to farm, but the results are worth it if you care to obtain exp with extreme ease (and optionally farm for gold tickets as well). Also, guide structuring is currently a work in progress, so it is quite a chore to read through. Sorry about that, I will improve it with time.


1. Game Settings & Config
First off, you’ll want to create your own survival server, offline or otherwise, and ideally you’ll want to do this exclusively in the beginning of a triple exp event to maximize exp gain, although this method works fine without it. You’re going to want to stick to classic survival mode in this method for numerous reasons. Classic is far easier as you don’t have to worry about stressful objectives, and the bar remains open 100% of the time (except for when bosses are active and you are less than around 85% happiness with the barkeep). Arguably it makes survival mode less interesting but this is a method of exp farming and not to have a fun time, to be fair. Keep vices on obviously, you won’t make it that far without them. Hardcore mode honestly gives such a negligible bonus compared to the exp you will be getting later on so it’s more of a personal preference to have on or off. Early on it can help you directly because it will keep your server bots weak and susceptible to dying quickly without stealing many of your kills due to only starting with a pistol. After that though, it won’t matter much. Chest limit always keep disabled, bar always keep enabled. Endless mode I would recommend enabling as it gives you the option to continue farming past wave 350 if you wish, which is optimal. Server messages don’t matter with exp farming, but medkits ammo kits and power ups keep enabled. Once this is set up, go into server settings. You won’t have room in your server with this method anyway, but set a password just in case (unless using offline mode), because if you choose to farm gold tickets, you will have server space available with a method you’ll find later in the guide. Max players: 20 (max capacity). Don’t enable warm-up, as it rids you of your starting $600 when the warm up ends for some reason, which can be one extra vice for you and several extra from bots which you can potentially steal. Do not enable cheats because that disables exp gain, except from dailies. Nothing in the advanced settings matters for this farm method so you can move right past it. Onto bot settings; have 19 bots. Some don’t understand why but having a full server with bots will massively help your exp gain due to directly increasing the number of enemies spawning at once and enemies per wave in general. The bots will barely put a dent in the enemy numbers, leaving many many more kills for you every wave which you wouldn’t get playing solo, thus giving much more exp. After that, this is unexplored territory to me honestly, mutators. I have no experience using any of these to exp farm, nor do I know any specifics about them. For example I’m not sure if you’re able to acquire gold tickets while using any of these besides the defaults which I always keep enabled, which are headshots and hazards. If you decide to experiment with them and find that some of them help you gain exp more effectively, let me know and I will edit this in the future and credit you. Also, my map of choice is Ice Station although I haven’t experimented much with the effectiveness of other maps with this method. On ice station, there’s lots of open room and bots will ignore their purchased vices from chests a lot of the time, allowing you to steal quite a number of vices from them.

2. F1 Console is your friend.
Alright, so your server is all set up and you’re ready to get into it. Here are a few things you should/need to know beforehand. I’m not an expert on using the f1 console by any means, but even without cheats enabled, a number of console commands are available for you to use without consequence. First and foremost, access the console by pressing f1 of course. Your bread and butter console commands are going to be pause and unpause. This will allow you to continue your run at any point (as long as you have the game open obviously) if something comes up that you need to do and you have to leave for a bit, or you just need a break. I would recommend not doing too many waves at once and take a break every 50 or so waves and get some fresh air or do something else. Another set of commands that will be useful at points are the kickbots command, which removes all bots from your server at once. and the addbot command, which allows you to re-add bots at any point. kickbots will be useful to you say if a super vice shows up from a bot purchased chest at some point and you see a bot closer to it than you are. Quite rare but it does happen from time to time in my experience. In this case I would quickly use the pause command and then either kick that specific bot or just use kickbots so you can steal the super vice. Another use is to minimize the effectiveness of bots later on in the game. They can become annoying after some time, if they have a lot of the beer vice stacked or they steal the super speed power up from the top middle part of the map, they’re easily able to speed by you and use frame perfect inputs to purchase and take vices from any chests they zoom over, if they have the money for them at least. Bots usually don’t take a significant number of kills from you either, but if they become a nuisance I typically replace them using this next command. This one you’ll want to have it copied in your clipboard when you do utilize it, addbot “USC” “Normal” . This will add 1 bot to your team as long as there’s 1 open spot for a player. I usually only use this command all at once, copy and pasting it into the console 19 times total, replacing all current bots, which I only bother doing twice or so in the entirety of the run, with the first time being around wave 125 or so, when bots typically become pesky due to having a lot of vices from earlier, easier waves. After this they usually die quite easily and you can check the spawn point on the left side from time to time for any vices they may leave behind. As far as I know, there aren’t any other useful commands for this method.

3. Gold Ticket Farming
Alright so now you know about the ideal server and game settings and how to utilize f1 commands to your advantage, let’s talk about gold ticket farming. I mentioned earlier you can use this very same method to farm for gold tickets. I usually only start doing this after around the first 300 waves or so when I start accumulating a lot of spliffs and getting more vices starts to matter far less than in the beginning of the run. If you wish to gold ticket farm at any point after you’re sufficiently powered up with numerous vices in the tens of each kind, you’re able to with ease. Simply stockpile your money for as many waves as you want and try not to spend any unless there’s a vice you’re short on that’s available from the barkeep. Once you have a lot of money to spend, simply use the f1 command kickbots towards the end of a wave. Although you’re still able to acquire gold tickets from chests while 19 bots are populating the game, you’re far more likely to get a gold ticket when it’s just you. Once you’ve done this, less chests will spawn per wave (I believe around 5-6 max will spawn when it’s just you) since the number of chests scales with current players, but after accumulating tons of money you will be able to afford every chest per wave with ease for quite a number of waves, depending on how long you saved for. Waves will feel relatively slow compared to how they were going before, but this is quite an easy way to gold ticket farm regardless, and you still get decent exp. Whenever you’re bored of gold ticket farming and/or you run out of money to spend, simply use the command addbot “USC” “Normal” in the console 19 times (copy paste is your friend here) to pick up where you left off at any time. Doing this, you’re easily able to switch between exp focused farming and gold ticket focused farming at will.

4. Starting Out
Once you get the run started, depending on whether you pick hardcore or not, my weapon of choice is definitely the light smg. It drops consistently from blue soldiers, allowing you to resupply ammo, or pick up another if you’re disarmed or playing hardcore mode. In addition, heal nades are a great resource to have early on, at least until you start getting tons of vape pens and tequila, which will keep you overhealed consistently once you have a lot. Pairing this with white wine will allow you to easily melt enemies. Note that in classic survival, enemy scaling is far less intense compared to normal mode, as that mode is meant to be 100 waves long without endless enabled. Classic has enemy scaling spread throughout 350 entire waves, which results in you becoming more powerful quicker than enemies become stronger (strong, powerful, elite, god-like variants). Steal vices from the bots in your game as much as possible, and purchase as many chests as you can of course, while checking in with the barkeep to do missions for extra cash and to purchase S+ tier vices such as red wine, white wine, tequila, vape pens, porters, whiskey, etc.. Coupled with stealing bot vices, you usually will become massively overpowered within a short period of time, and will no longer have to worry about death after around wave 50 typically. Some bosses can still take quite a toll on you, but this is where your consumable vices like vodka, smokes and rubbing alcohol will be most effective as you’re going to have too many to even comprehend later on anyway. Grandmaster can be a pain if you haven’t obtained many screwdrivers, meads or sakes, Moxxy and Roxxy can potentially kill you if you’re lacking on red wine, Explodebot can ruin an attempt sometimes if you’re low on red wine and water and so on. Usually you should be fine though, at least in my experience doing this. Spend money when you have it to ensure you’re sufficiently OP.

5. Mid & End-Game Efficiency Meta
So you’ve made it to the point in the game where you’re difficult to kill to nearly all enemies. Great. Typically this’ll start as soon as wave 50 and as late as wave 100. Whiskey restores nearly all your ammo on kill every time, vape pen and tequila keep you perpetually overhealed, red wine elevates your health past 1000, and white wine throws your damage through the roof. Once you’re near unkillable, it’s time to think about improving the speed at which you clear waves. What I would recommend is to simply focus on increasing your number of whiskeys and porters. Every 15 whiskeys you have will result in each enemy you kill dropping a fire (which does not harm you by the way) and will be extremely effective in getting kills rapidly. Newly spawned enemies can walk onto these flames and immediately die, enemies climbing ladders will melt if one at the top of the ladder is killed and drops a flame, etc.. Every additional 15 will spawn another flame per enemy killed, which further increases the number of effortless kills you’ll rack up. Next, porters. The single best equipment you’ll want to use will be muleslapper sentries. Heal grenades lose their purpose after a while since you’re pretty much going to be constantly overhealed without them, so once you feel comfortable ditching them, switch to ms sentries. If you’re on my map of choice, Ice Station, all you need to do to clear a wave within a minute is run back and forth and throw sentries down in the left, bottom left, middle, bottom mid, right and bottom right sections of the map and rinse and repeat, picking up an ammo kit whenever needed of course. The more porters the better, allowing you to mindlessly throw them and melt every wave effortlessly. For the bottom half of the map, most of the time you can deal with enemies down there by just throwing a sentry or 2 down the ladder sections at an angle so it doesn’t bounce directly back up. Coupled with whiskey fire bonuses and eventually countless porters, you pretty much won’t even need any other weapon after a while. Just be careful about shooting your own sentries down or staying near them close to their expiration or when enemies are shooting close by , because they can and will damage you (stimulant dodge chance does help with this a lot however).

6. Tips & Tricks; Final
So now you’re exp grinding, if you’ve done it correctly you’re now hundreds of waves in and you’re a mean green killing machine that hardly gets scratched by anything while gaining 2k or so exp per second in ideal conditions. The game is now easy and you can pretty much sit still without dying while also doling out massive damage (except don’t, because it will put you into spectator status after a short period of time, ending the run). Some tips you might not know about, just in case.

-If you crave a chemical release in your brain activated by seeing your numerous level up rewards (I do this every 100 or so waves; as long as you have antacids handy and tons of consumables this really won’t put you in danger as you can easily max out your red wine bonus again, unless you have super antacids which allows you to not even have to worry about that), type in /kill in the normal chat and then immediately after, go into f1 console and use the pause command. While paused, you can claim all your level ups while not worrying about respawning in the meantime. Keep in mind that your progress doesn’t save automatically and only saves once you die or quit the game, as far as I know at least. So if you accidentally shut off your pc, your game crashes, or something else, you’ll likely lose all your progress. It sucks, and has happened to me a few times.

-The farther you progress, the better. Your exp gain only improves over time, since more enemies will always spawn per wave the farther you are. Realistically your game will end somewhere though, and on average I net about 300ish level ups per 700 wave run using this method, with later waves always netting me more exp than the earlier ones. Manling encounters have been heavily nerfed in beta14 and are typically a cake walk. You will get a large chunk of exp per manling wave clear though, and they will pop up on wave 350 and then every ~340-360 waves afterwards. I’ve had a second encounter as early as wave 694.

-Super vices help tremendously, but you’ll be completely fine without them most of the time. Each type of super vice has a cooldown of 100 waves in between appearances. Bots can and will acquire them as well. I’ve had a run where 3 different bots acquired 1 of the 3 super vices each, leaving none left for me to get for another 100 waves. It usually isn’t a big deal however, although you might be angry at Efficient Ovary for taking your precious super vice right before your eyes.

-Pause command can help you claim your cash bonus from spliffs at will. If you need money fast and you’re constantly killing enemies due to mule sentries and/or whiskey flames and cannot stop the constant boring kill streak, just pause. It will trigger your spliff bonus after a few seconds. Also, while paused, weapons/equipment and vices on the map currently will still disappear as usual, so be careful about pausing if there’s something you needed on the map currently that falls into that category. I am not sure if super vices despawn, but gold tickets do not.

-Take breaks. I don’t do more than 50 waves at a time and neither should you. Go for a walk, go make some food, watch a show, etc. Using pause and unpause, you don’t need to worry about losing your survival run. This takes some time to become an extremely effective method of grinding.

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