Cattails: Wildwood Story – Main Story Ruin Guide (WIP)

A guide to the Main Story ruins! Includes puzzles and what you should expect going into each room.   Temp Section Thought I’d just publish this even if It’s not finished ’cause the North Ruin takes awhile hehe… Enjoy what I’ve got so far! Unlocking Ruins The ruins unlock progressively as you recruit cats. The … Read more

Cattails: Wildwood Story – Rival Marriages Guide

A resource on the rival marriages in game! Who are the pairings? Where do the cutscenes take place? When do the pairings have kittens? All these questions will be answered here! Will also include a gift guide for their kittens <3   ✰ How it Works ✰ Originally posted by Falcon Development: Certain pre-determined pairings of … Read more

Cattails: Wildwood Story – Buddy Stats for Every NPC

Just a simple resource with an explanation of the traits and strengths of every cat you can have as a buddy.   Table Name Active Trait Passive Trait Best for Alabaster Delicate (Chance to collect better herbs) Hardy (Immune to negative status effects) Herb gathering Bob Enterprising (Can find Mews) Lucky (Increases PC luck) Generally … Read more

Cattails Wildwood Story: How to Create Custom Furniture (ALPHA Version)

Guide to creating and adding custom furniture to Cattails Wildwood Story without the official modding docs. No coding knowledge required. You will only need to know how to create images and edit text.   Introduction This guide will show you how to add custom furniture to Cattails Wildwood Story. It was originally posted on the cattails … Read more