Cannibal AbductionL Walktrough with All Endings

A quick guide showing all the main items and how to get outta this darn house. Since most cabinets have “secondary items”, I’ll only show the one’s with the “main items”.



Welcome bruvs to this humble guide. First of all let’s talk about the player:


-Can only hide
-Can only carry 4 or 3 items (depending on difficulty)
-Can only save by recording VHS tapes, each tape gives you one save
-Can take about 3 hits


-Is slower than you if you run
-Doesn’t make too much sound
-Not sure if he is programmed to roam or if he spawns in certain places, pretty sure he does spawn in certain occasions.
-Even if he stare at your hiding place, he’s really dumb and is not seeing you
-I’m pretty sure he leaves the room where you’re hiding but waits a little outside the door before searching elsewhere (could be wrong, it’s just how I felt)

The Hammer and Bobbypin

The Hammer is the first Item you’ll see, it’s just lying around near the player, take it and then check your tool box (get near it and press ‘e’), there you’ll find a bobby pin. Since the player only has 4 slots on default and 3 on Hard Difficulty, you shouldn’t forget the tool box is your friend.

Use the pin on the door to your right and you’ll find the flashlight right a way


There it is, next to it you’ll find a note, you get an achievement if you collect all of them.
The game already told you that, but don’t forget the flashlight helps the Cannibal see you, so if he’s close turn it off.

Bronze Key

Great, you managed to free yourself from your room, head downstairs and enter the only unlocked door, you can now head left or right, it doesn’t really matter as long as you reach the bathroom

You can go near the bathtub and drain the water, there you’ll find the bronze key.
You could also see the rest of downstairs and maybe use your hammer to unblock the door on the screenshot below. Why? because apparently our cannibal friend doesn’t get home until you take the bronze key from the bathtub, so take your time to see everything first.

If you opened this room, there’ll be a note and a cabinet, it’ll be useful later.

Bobbypin 2: electric boogaloo

You’ve got the Bronze key now head upstairs and keep in mind that Leatherface’s cousin is already in the house with you. Head to the end of the long hallway and open the door to your left

This is the family’s master bedroom. There’ll be a note near the bed shown below:

Take the note and go to the other door of the bedroom, it’s their bathroom where you’ll find another Bobbypin and will be able to use your hammer to unlock another escape route. If you have already used the hammer downstairs, you won’t need it anymore and can leave it in the toolbox

Common key

Head downstairs and go to the kitchen’s entrance, use the Bobbypin on the locked door to the left, the one the player calls “a door with a cheap lock”

This will lead you to a room with a fireplace and two doors, the on to the right is the basement, the one to the left is where Daisy, the family’s dog is. Since it’s a horror movie we’re going to the basement (obviously)

There you’ll find the Common Key which opens basically every locked cabinet and gives you access to almost every main item as well to VHS tapes and bandages, although, if you want the “Undead Achievement”, you can’t use bandages.

Dog Food e Knob

Remember the door downstairs where you used the Hammer? (if not, go there now, it’s a door with wooden boards on it)

Use the common key on the cabinet and take the dog food can

Now head to the room with the fireplace and this time take the left door instead, it’ll lead you to Daisy’s room.
You can now either put the dog food on Daisy’s bowl in the corner or get close to her, if you do this you’ll get the [Beware of the dog] Achievement, but the Cannibal is going to be alerted to your location

If you filled the bowl, she’ll leave her dog house and then you can grab the Door Knob.

Valve and Radio

If you got the Knob, head upstairs and this time use the Knob at the door in the right of the hallway’s end

This is a cellar, go up the stairs and then you can either go left or right. If you go left you’ll find the Valve and a door with a Padlock

The Valve is supposed to be used in the basement and the Padlock will have a radio frequency written into it.
You can do this in any order you like, usually I take the valve downstairs and use it on the pipe on the right like below:

You will get the [Plumber] Achievement and now I need to warn you of something, I don’t know if this is a feature or if I was just unlucky, but every time I put the valve on the pipe, the Cannibal would appear at the basements entrance, might be just bad luck for me but who knows.


Now that you’ve got the frequency you can head to the room with the radio

This part is kinda tricky, basically you have to put the radio on the frequency that was written in the Padlock, but then you’re going to hear a very weird sequence of sounds, you have to pay attention or even write on a paper but it’s going to make 3 different sounds, each sound will play a few number of times. Let’s say the first sound plays 5 times, the second 3 and the third 4, that’s the code. Sometime you have to listen over and over again until you get it right.

Rope and Jug

If you managed to get the frequency from the radio, honestly the part I hated the most, you can head upstairs to the cellar and open the padlock. Inside there’ll be a note and rope.

The rope is supposed to be used in the basement. I will show you how.

Putting out the fireplace

Head to the Kitchen and open it’s cabinet, there’ll be a jug inside.

Go to the sink and fill it with water

I haven’t tested it on other sinks but I assume that since you fixed the house’s water flow, you probably could fill the jug in any of the bathrooms too.
Now head to the fireplace and throw the water on it, it will reveal a brick that you can push like a button.
This will open a secret door (the bookshelf in the basement) and reveal the place where the family used to kill and eat people. Inside there’s a note, a cabinet and a dark pit. You can now place the rope in the pit and you’ll have the option to descend or wait


Like I said, you can go down into the sewers if you want, all you have to do now is follow some pathways and you’ll get your freedom.
This will award the [Survivor?] achievement. If you played on normal difficulty you’ll also get [The easy way] or if on hard the [Hardcore] achievement [/b]. As I’ve said before, if you didn’t use bandages, you’ll also be awarded the Undead achievement

Secret Ending

Alright, so you probably want this achievement too and of course to spend a little more time with our Cannibal pursuer.
All you have to do is to not descend right away after placing the rope. Remember the cabinet in the room with you?


Use the common key on it and get yourself an hexagonal key of sorts

Clock Hand

Take it to the master bedroom upstairs and open the Lockbox near the bed’s left side.

You’ll find a clock hand which you’ll have to use on, you guessed it, the Grandfather’s Clock next to the VHS recorder.

Adjust the the clock to 8:45 and confirm, you’ll receive no warning that it worked but it did.
Now you can head to the basement and go to the locked wooden door which will now be unlocked

You’ll find a Rusty key and for me the Cannibal almost always comes to the basement at this point, but may be another coincidence.

The Pit

Descend to the sewers through the rope and follow the sewer’s pathway, but this time, you can, instead of using the ladder, open the rusty door on the corner of the sewer. It will unlock and now all you have to do is follow this new path (I won’t spoil what happens)

This will award you The plot thickens award.

Thanks to Ludens³ for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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