Escape the Backrooms: New Update Part 2 Walkthrough (Jan 2023)

A guide for the major updated version of Escape The Backrooms. The more levels I complete with the update, the more I will update the guide.

Note: part 3 is now available on Steam, you can check out the walkthrough for the new levels here.


Level 0 – Backrooms

Level 0:
You will spawn an empty, yellow building. Spawn is sometimes random, though in the same general area. If you are near a black area of the map, face away from it and head to the back right side of the map (or if you spawn already facing away but to the right, then walk straight and back right) and collect the ladder pieces to build the ladder they are next to and grab the key. Leave through the right hallway facing away from the ladder and stay along the wall until you see a red door off the wall. You can try to make it across the Pitfalls if you want (I’ve failed), but falling in will bring you to Part 2 of the Backrooms.Level 0 Part 2:
It is very easy to be found by the Bacteria, though you have infinite stamina when running from a monster, and you will not loose it if you keep running once the monster is gone. Find a door that looks like an empty living room with a kitchen and go upstairs.

Level 1 – Habitable Zone (Shapeshifter)

Level 1:
You will spawn in an empty garage, it is safe. Go to the far right through a red-ish door with a window. The count the car colors and remember the order (cars are read up-down, left-right. Ex: blue and green left, yellow green right, the code is blue green yellow green.) Go to the elevator next to spawn and enter the code. REMEMBER TO GRAB ALMOND WATER and perhaps a flashlight.
Level 1 Part 2:
You will have monsters this time, the monsters are equal to the number of players. They are on the far left. When exiting the elevator, go straight to the first door. CHECK FOR KEYS!! (There are 4 keys total, all random locations) It’s possible there’s more than one or even 3 to a room. Go straight after leaving the room, you will (or will not) see a fellow hazmat run towards you. Run. That is a monster. No monsters in the games can open doors, so leave all of them open and close them when running into a room. There are six doors (excluding the exit and entrance), but not all of them have keys. Keys do not take up inventory space. Once you collect all keys, go to the room in the middle of the garage and place them all in the key slots. They must be turned at the same time (within 3-5 seconds of the first key being turned) to open the door.Level 1 Part 3:
IT IS DARK. A flashlight will do VERY little, you cannot see monsters. Crouching is slow but recommended unless near a door. You will spawn on the top floor of a garage, there are three levels. 2 doors can be found on the top floor right and left sides (spawn side). If they are empty, go down a level. Head to the same side as spawn, there are 3 doors. If all are empty, go down a level. There are 3 doors on the final level, if they are empty, go back up. One of the doors will hide an elevator.

Level 1 Part 3:
IT IS DARK. A flashlight will do VERY little, you cannot see entities. Crouching is slow but recommended unless near a door. You will spawn on the top floor of a garage, there are three levels. 2 doors can be found on the top floor right and left sides (spawn side). If they are empty, go down a level. Head to the same side as spawn, there are 3 doors. If all are empty, go down a level. There are 3 doors on the final level, if they are empty, go back up. One of the doors will hide an elevator.

Level 2 – Tunnel

Level 2:
You will see a giant garage door, you cant open it yet. Go the only other door. You will spawn in a tunnel with more doors, you cant open them except for the one by itself. Match the code displayed with the codes you can pick. On the right side there is a green panel, turn the lights on. The code (for now) is “itheardyou”, type it into a computer and click the file that says “Gate”. Click run, and okay, then leave through the tunnel door you came in from (it will say 1 on the door).

Level 3 – Habitable Zone (Smilers)

Level 3:
Open the garage door by pulling the lever next to it. Walk in but do not go past the ramp’s end. When the lights go off, do not move. When the lights turn on, run to the right side into a lit hallway. DO NOT RUN IF THE LIGHTS FLICKER IMMEDIATELY AFTER TURNING ON. On a normal light flicker, you will have 10 seconds to run. YOU HAVE LIMITED STAMINA as there is no active monster chasing you. There are Smilers in this level, they only appear when the lights turn off. Check each door for each hallway. Run to the next during a normal flicker, stay close to the wall to decrease running distance. Find a door with another hallway and pipes, walk in.

Level 4 – Pipe Dreams

Level 4:
You will see a sign that says “Station <–” and “Fun –>”. There is no fun, it’s a dead end with a Smiler. Follow the path to the station, if you do not have a flashlight, there will be one on the left corner of the wall before you step into the darkness (not at the entrance). Once you step into the hallway, you will begin to be chased by a Smiler, DO NOT TURN AROUND as you cannot run backwards. Continue to run until you see a doorway on the left side and keep running until you go through the door (not the hallway entrance).

Level 5 – Electrical Station

Level 5:
This level is safe. Go to the end of the hallway to trigger the door opening on it’s own. Find boxes with red lights above them and fix the boxes so the lights turn green. There are 3-4 boxes. You will hear a gate open on the last one. There is another gate, go through that and then through the door. There may or may not be a box to fix. Go through the door in there but do not run down the hallway. Step lightly until you hear or see the monster (Dogman), then immediately run back through the door. Please remember to close it. If you have a flashlight, you can temporarily blind it, but the Dogman may be avoided without one (for now). The Dogman will despawn once it leaves. Go down the hallway and through the door on the left. Go through the hole in the wall and keep looking for boxes. The last door on the left at the end of the hallway will have the Dogman, he will not despawn once he leaves you. Do your best to fix the boxes.
Level 5 Part 2:
Once you find the boxes, return to the gate you walked through, and go to the newly opened gate far from the other 2. GRAB A FLASHLIGHT BEFORE GOING IN. There will ALWAYS be at least one in the level. Turn the corner lightly and shine your light on Dogman will “chase” you, so run back through the gate you entered and wait for him to despawn. Return to the room and open the door. There is no helping you here, just skill and pure luck. You will not only have to avoid Dogman, but find 3 more boxes to fix. There are two doors in the first room and second room. In the first room, running straight will bring you to a hallway, going left will bring you to a room. The second room will do the same, the entrance door is on the left front, room door on the left back (entrance door). Remember, boxes spawn randomly. On your last room, Dogman will appear at first, just close the door and wait to despawn. Continue through and crouch through the left hole to find the gate you need to open with the boxes. Remember, you can blind Dogman. HE WILL GLITCH in certain areas, and will sometimes not despawn or reset to neutral, so you will have to be careful. Once you open the gate, return to the gate from when you first spawned for all of level 5, when the door opened by itself, go through the previously closed gate and move onto level 6.

If you die, your progress will be saved, you do not have to redo the box fixing.

Level 6 – Abandoned Offices

Level 6:
You will spawn in an empty office building, there are (theorized) no entities, however if you search through the doors and find one that leads back to the tunnel, you will read a file that says “stay away from unblacked-out windows”, as they might be traps. The first puzzle will be to count how many items in a room and enter it to their respective vending machines. the next puzzle, you will find a button that resets cameras. Avoid being spotted by cameras. If you are spotted, you will have to reset the cameras, you will find out if you were spotted or not in the security room. Once you pass all the cameras, you may enter the next level.

Level 7 – Terror Hotel

Level 7:
The lobby of the hotel, you have a puzzle. You need to click the buttons under the picture to open the door, take the bug spray with you. Search for moth swarms and place the moth jelly into the lift to receive 3 keys (3 moth jellies). There are no monsters.
Level 7 Part 2:
There are 2 monsters, Dogman and Shapeshifter. There are mailboxes in front of spawn, you must go to those rooms and find the letters. Place the letters in the boxes and enter the code for the white door on the right. SANITY DRAINS FAST. Remember to take ALL the almond water you can find. You may also leave all doors open and hide in closets.

Level 8 – Boiler Room

Level 8:
You spawn with a table in front of you, on it is a thermometer. It is not entirely necessary as you can see the danger. The monsters on this level are giant moths, when near them your screen will start to heat up, you may crouch to get around them. There are false exit doors, you must find the real one.
Map directions:
right, left, straight, left, right, straight (through the doorway), left, continue going through doorways, straight, right, right, straight, right, left, right, straight, right, straight, left (pass doorway), straight, left, right (through doorway), straight, right, straight, left (big hallway), left, left, right, right (through doorway), left, left, straight (through left doorway, pass moth), right, stay right, pass table with thermometers, continue going through doorways, pass safe moth cluster, go left, pass through giant boiler room on right side, nothing through right doorway (essentially, you want to go straight across), turn left and run for exit.

Level 9 – Pipe Dreams 2

Level 9:
You will enter the pipe tunnel again, this time choose “Fun –>”. It has the same layout as “Station <–“.

Level 10 – Party Room

Level 10:
I have spent 5 hours on this level before the update, and became a master. However, major changes have been made. Liquid Pain, a legendary item, is capable of spawning, you will die if you drink it, so don’t. Or do, it’s your restart.When you spawn, go down the hallway and crouch under the first table, run to the second and crouch. turn around walk forward slightly to get the attention of a Party Goer, and go back under the table to “reset them”. Then crouch through the room to the other side. Don’t get too close.

If you’ve played before, continue the normal path until you reach the Big Room, with 7 Party Goers.

If you have not, crouch along the entire length of the wall, DO NOT TURN THE FIRST CORNER, the hallway you’ll want to enter is on the left side, but do not crouch on the left wall. Do this for 2 rooms until you reach a big room.

Big Room:
Run straight along the left wall and head into the hallway on the left and under the table. When the Party Goers reset, leave the hallway back into the Big Room and continue RUNNING on the left side and into the left hallway, hide under the table to reset. Crouch along the right side of the wall, as before.

You will find a room full of balloons, continue through the doors. You will see a tiled wall.

Level 11 – Pool Rooms

Level 11:
The Pool Rooms is one of the most beautiful places in the game, there are no entities.I recommend you find the exit on your own, after the mind numbing music from Level 10.
If you wish, head straight from spawn and up the long stairs to find a Tunnel Door.

The exit is the furthest point from spawn on the right, and is a door surrounded by red lights.Be sure not to enter Off Limit Zones, seen as black water or tiles.

Level 12 – Run For Your Life

That is the goal.

Keep “right, left” tabs in your head.

Beware of the door that opens on it’s own, you cannot go through it. Go around it on the far right.

Level 13 – The End

Level 13:
There is an entity, but it cannot see you. You are capable of being close to it, but if it touches you, you die. Collect 24 tapes AFTER turning on the computer. The lights will go out, and sanity drains at a moderate pace. If needed, there are 2 fire alarms to draw the entities attention (will not work while it actively chases you).

Level 14 – Infinite Stairs

Level 14:
You will spawn in what is basically a tower/lighthouse. You can go up the stairs possibly infinitely, though to move onto the next level you need to drop down the center after what I recommend as landing 94 (must be on this level, minimum) (don’t worry, it is not actually that far up).

Level 15 – Hill Houses

Level 15:
You will spawn on the edge of a town that has yellow houses on hills. Your goal is to follow the road (or cut straight through the grass) to a floating castle, underneath it is rope to climb up. Daytime is safe, though quick. You can make it to about 4-5 houses before it turns to night. At night, if you go out you will not be killed right away, but there will be monsters with red eyes chasing you. SANITY DRAINS FASTER THAN TERROR HOTEL. Collect all the almond water you can find, which is rare to spawn inside houses. You will find that some houses have dressers, that is where you can find the almond water, but sometimes it will not spawn. If you die, your progress will be saved at a forked road. Almond water is found commonly around trucks. There are also music speakers which will stop playing as night approaches, but it is distanced, meaning if you’re at a house where there’s no speaker, you will not hear the music.

Level 16 – Synth Wave (Clown)

Level 16:
There are small boxes with checkered pattern on top with a symbol. Move (push) those boxes to a circle on the floor that matches the boxes.Level 16 Part 2:
If you don’t have a flashlight, there is one on the table behind the clown, though you must face the clown and walk backwards to get it. Once gotten, turn around and let the clown disappear (though recommended you find a nice corner first). It will go after you with a mallet, though shining a light on him will make him vanish. There are subtle sound signals to let you know when he spawns. Survive until you hear a honking sound, it will come from the roller coaster. Get on and you will leave the level.

Level 16 – Lights Out

Level 16:
You will spawn in what looks like an abandoned building, it will be VERY dark. The first two rooms on either side are full of supplies, use the flashlight and navigate your way to a room with a blinking light (there are no looping rooms, only dead ends). In the blinking room, grab an LiDAR Scanner. Using it will add glowing dots to the wall, they can be different colors, if that matters.I recommend walking until you see a red dot on the radar, it is an entity, only one. It can hear your scanner, but if you manage to move around it and crouch away, he might move away and you can continue the search for the exit without worrying.

I do not have the map in my head. However, following “big” hallways will usually take you to the right hallway, it can be an easy flow, almost a straight (not literally) walk there. The exit is a hallway with a light at the end and a white door.

Level 17 – Thalassophobia

Level 17:
You spawn on a staircase landing of a house, going up will bring you to a Tunnel Door. Going down, you will find an infinite ocean and a boat.Congrats! You’ve beaten Early Access.


I have made a video of the full game beaten in under 2 hours:

Boiler Room is not exact on the directions I gave lol:

Unfortunately, the qualities are not great and one screen is not full. I will fix it, this is temporary.


On Level 3 (Smilers – Habitable Zone), going up the ramp will bring you to a second story of the garage where Smilers will stop chasing you after a certain point. There are no lights up there so be sure to bring a flashlight!
I will continue to add more as I discover them.

Thanks to AbsoluteFool for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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