BattleBit Remastered: Basic PC Controls

Here are the keyboard and mouse controls for BattleBit Remastered. the game is currently in Early Access.



Camera Vertical = MouseY(Positive)
Camera Horizontal = MouseX(Positive)


Move Forward = W
Move Backward = S
Move Right = D
Move Left = A
Sprint = Left Shift
Toggle Crouch = C
Prone = Z
Crouch = Left Control
Lean Left = Q
Lean Right = E
Vault = Space
Jump = Space
Freelook = Left Alt
Drag Players = F


Drone Forward = W
Drone Backward = S
Drone Right = D
Drone Left = A
Drone Throttle Up = Q
Drone Throttle Down = E and Left Control
Drone Increase Speed = Left Shift


Night Vision = N


Shoot = Mouse0
Secondary Fire = Mouse1
Aim Down Sights = Mouse1
Firemode = X
Zeroing Increase = None (Highly recommended for snipers.)
Zeroing Decrease = None (Highly recommended for snipers.)
Zeroing Adjustment Hold Key = Left Alt
Steady Aim = Left Shift
Reload = R
Combine Magazines = P
Magazine Check = H
Safety Mode = J
Switch To Next Sight = Mouse3
Switch To Previous Sight = None
Laser On/Off = T
Flir Switching = CapsLock


Switch Next Weapon = None
Switch Previous Weapon = None
Primary = 1
Secondary = 2
First Aid = 3
Primary Gadget = 4
Secondary Gadget = 5
Throwable = G


Interact = J
Throw Gadget = X
Cut Rope = CapsLock
Push = J
Drop Cash = K
Build = F
Unbuild = CapsLock
Repair = K


Open Social Tab = Home
Chat (All) = Y
Chat (Team) = U
Chat (Squad) = I
VOIP (Local) = V
VOIP (Squad) = B
VOIP (Squad Leaders) = N
Ping = Mouse2


Map = M
Map Zoom = None
Scoreboard = Tab
Squad Leader Menu = O
Hide UI = None


Switch Next Seat = None
Switch Previous Seat = None
Engine On/Off = E
Lights On/Off = L
Vehicle Speed Boost = Left Shift
Vehicle Turret Zoom In = None (Although it says none, scroll wheel works)
Vehicle Turret Zoom Out = None (Although it says none, scroll wheel works)
Armor Piercing Shell = 1 (Only on Tank)
High Explosive Shell = 2 (Only on Tank)
Turret Stabilization = Z (Only on Tank)
Deploy Smoke = Q
(Spotter Only) Observe = 1 (Only on Tank)
(Spotter Only) Danger = 2 (Only on Tank)
Helicopter Throttle Increase = W
Helicopter Throttle Increase = S
Helicopter Yaw Right = D
Helicopter Yaw Left = A
Helicopter Pitch Up = MouseY(Negative)
Helicopter Pitch Down = MouseY(Positive)
Helicopter Roll Right = MouseX(Negative)
Helicopter Roll Left = MouseX(Positive)

Helicopter Flight

Q – Left roll
E – Right roll
A – Yaw left
D – Yaw right
W – Pitch down
S – Pitch up
Space – Raise collective
Shift – Lower collective

Credit to Headcrab

Thanks to Flying Scotsman for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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