Being a DIK: How to Get All Achievements (Steam Version)

For some of these achievements you will need to finish out the episode in order to unlock them. This tripped me up when going for 100%.

Unmissable Achievements
The Initiation
Completed Episode 1

Maggot Brothers
Completed Episode 2

Completed Episode 3

When Worlds Collide
Completed Episode 4

Test Related Achievements
Jumble Master
100% English Classes

Whiz Kid
100% Math Classes

100% Gender Studies Classes

Teacher’s Pet
100% Perfect Classes

Honorable Student
Pass a Class Without Cheating

Not So Honorable Student
Pass a Class by Cheating

F is for Failure
Fail a Test

Mini-Game Achievements
Nerd Pummel
Defeat the Easy Opponent in Brawler

Prep Pummel
Defeat the Normal Opponent in Brawler

Jock Pummel
Defeat the Hard Opponent in Brawler

Puzzle Pro
Beat Shuffle
An interesting mini-game that I still don’t quite get. The best trick I was able to find (other than buying the cheats from Derek) in solving this is by starting off with getting the top row first. After that you want to solve for the last two sections of the first column which makes solving the last three effortless. Below is my attempt at providing you with a visual aid for this.

Beat Jill in Tennis

Vault Achievements
Vault Looter 1
Opened Vault Episode 1
Code 1386

Vault Looter 2
Opened Vault Episode 2
Code 4413

Vault Looter 3
Opened Vault Episode 3
Code 3985

Vault Looter 4
Opened Vault Episode 4
Code 0421

Vault Looter
Opened All Vaults

Money Related Achievements
Not So Poor After All
Earn $20

Poor Again
Spend $20

It’s On Me
Paid During All Dates

Player Choice Achievements
Order Up!
Buy from Quinn’s Restaurant

When you return to the HOT’s house after involuntarily streaking throughout B&R, you are given ordering services from Quinn (ΔIK choice)

Flat and Boring
You Preferred Cathy

Milk Machine
You Preferred Jade

Hot for Teacher
Conquered Jade
You need to have made all major ΔIK choices for Jade, and make the choice to just be friends with Josy and Maya toward the end of episode 4

Being a ♥♥♥
100% Major ♥♥♥ Choices

Being a CHICK
100% Major CHICK Choices

100% Achievements
Drink! Drink! Drink!
100% All Drinking Games

Magazine Collector
Unlock All Special Renders

Unlocked All Wallpapers

Been There, Done Her
Unlock All Scenes

Secret Achievements
Your Majesty
Wore the dildo helmet every time the choice was offered.

Slap Me!
Took all 3 slaps for Hell Week

The Pink Rose
Have fun with all the girls during your visit at the Pink Rose by paying for a dance

During episode 3 at the Pink Rose, make sure to ‘Party without limits’ and have $$$$ in your pocket. Talk to Envy and get Derek out of there then ask for a private dance

Roomate Beatdown
Defeat Troy with Brawler difficulty set to Hard

Vice Presidential Beatdown
Defeat Dawe with Brawler difficulty set to Hard

Presidential Beatdown
Defeat Chad with Brawler difficulty set to Hard

Thanks to Wrazy for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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