Being a DIK: Tips for Jill Neutral Affinity and Mansion Mini Game

Here are some tips on how to be with Jill with Neutral Affinity and Mansion Mini Game


Jill tips Do’s and don’t do’s and Major Choices

DO’s First time meeting Jill

1: DO’s You want to gain as much rp (relationship point) and compliment her if you have the chance when possible
2: DO’s So Chick dialog is good choice and some jokes (not always good) being friends with Isabella helps some
3: DO’s When possible flirt you should be flirting with Jill and be nice to her (even if you loose rp with Isabella) you will gain rp with Jill
4: DO’s When you see game gives you a choice to fight for Jill or go see Jill. Or pick another girl choose Jill, if not you may loose relationship points and don’t want that
5: First goal should be tryin to get the shower scene with Jill, by making major Chick choices up to this point. If you don’t get the shower scene with her. Must have messed up, also kiss Jill on this date!

6: DO’s Be honest with Jill don’t pick hide the truth
1: DONT’s Lot of D*k dialog can lead to loss in relationship points with Jill
2: DONT’s When your inside the trying to get the HOT’s out of the party and you see Tybalt’s cell phone DO NOT snap a picture on his phone!! If you do Jill see this at Tybalt’s speech, this may cause Jill to give up on you!!
3: DONT’s Don’t mock Tybalt or punch Tybalt it will negatively affect your relationship with Jill. Choose the Chick choice
4: DONT’s After the fight with Chad, Jill will run up and try to help you she takes you to her room talks and ask you if Alpha’s are bullying you tip: don’t wear the helmet if you like Jill. Next day you have a talk with teachers about if you were being bullied, say yes when ask and don’t lie or minus rp with Jill. After the talk, Jill will stop you for short talk pick discuss pick go easy on her or loose rp
Choice #1 Choose Chick

Choice #2  Choose Chick
Choice #3
Choose Chick

Choice #4 Choose Chick

Choice #5 Choose Chick Party without limits or let Derek do the D*k stuff Choose Chick choice
Choice #6 Jade take it further or don’t take it further Choose Chick choice
Choice #7 Choose Chick choice
Choice #8 Choose Chick

Choice #9 Choose Chick [WARNING] Do not punch Tybalt this will hurt your chances of ending up with Jill with Neutral Affinity you don’t want that! Screenshot is earlier in guide for this choice
Choice #10 Fight Tommy or Don’t Fight Tommy Choose D*k Choice (On hard difficulty this can be very hard to win focus you will get it if have skill paid for fast reaction helps too)

Choice #11 Choose D*k Choice

When you go to the bar your MC well look at the picture of Jill and back out before ordering drinks

Choice #12 Choose D*k Choice

Choice #13 Choose D*k Choice Make the Alpha’s leave

By now you should have went on a jog with Jill, pick don’t look to much. Not look closer

Choice #14 Choose D*k Choice

Choice #15 Choose Chick Choice Flush the papers

After Choice #15 You should have got this in next screenshot

If everything went right with Jill did not reject you when you told Jill she is the one you want to be with Congratulations!!
Jill comes over

Your choice and stats!

The Mansion Mini Game

This will cover how to complete the Mansion mini game. Should have more then $20 after it’s completed

Turn #1
Buy all the Dumpster upgrades
$ 17 after the upgrades
Upgrade Skills

Small note if you won D*k Champion and going to use VIP Pass just reserve one D*k like Rusty every turn to do $2 dollar jobs for making up extra $

Task the D*k’s to what to clean

1F/ Porch, MC (main character) and Nick
IF/ Main Party ROOM, Derek and Rusty
2F/ Terrace, Leon and Tommy
2F/ WC, John Boy, Jamie and Jacob

Turn #2 task $17

1F/ Stairway, MC, Jacob and Tommy
2F/ Terrace, Derek and Jamie
1F/ Home theater, Nick and Jamie
2F/ Closet, John Boy and Rusty

During third free roam clean this area in screenshot

Turn #3 $32
Did not take screenshot for #3 skills upgrade but i will correct this soon as possible

Task #3

1F/ Home Theater, Derek
BF/ Laundry Room, MC and Rusty
1F/ Kitchen, Jamie Jacob and John Boy
Work Leon any $2 job

Turn #4 $34

Task #4

1F/ Dining Room, MC and Jamie
BF/ Tommy’s Room, Derek, Jacob and Tommy
2F/ Upper Area #3, Rusty Leon and Nick
Work 2$ Job John Boy

Turn #5 $42

Task #5

1F/ Bathroom, Derek and Tommy
2F/ Upper Area #1, Rusty Leon
1F/ Front Hallway, Jamie and Nick
2F/ Jacobs Room, MC and John Boy

Turn #6 $42

Task #6

1F/ Left Hallway, MC
1F/ Rusty’s Room, Derek
2F/ Leon’s Room, Jacob and Tommy
2F/ John Boy’s Room, Jamie and Leon
1F/ Jamie’s Room, Nick and John Boy
Work $2 Job Rusty

Turn #7 $44

Finish up whatever needs to be cleaned should very little left to clean in mansion. Use All unused D*k’s for $2 $3 and $4 jobs for making money buying the windows

Turn #8 $61

Do Jobs for 2$ 3$ 4$ after this you should have more then enough money to buy windows

Turn #9 Final Turn MAKE SURE to buy Windows this turn

This is after you talk to Rusty my final stats leftover money i had $47. You should easily have more then $20 left

Thanks to NecromancerSoul for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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